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Information about Core Knowledge (R) Teacher Read-Alouds (“Listening And Learning”) that should occur daily, in parallel with below AnyOneCanRead READING and PHONICS activities. Resources for:


Kings And Queens:
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Seasons And Weather:
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Columbus And The Pilgrims:
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Colonial Towns And Townspeople:
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Taking Care Of The Earth:
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Presidents And American Symbols:
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Lesson 42 – Poems And Rhymes

NEW   WORDS  :   Beth   Bill   James   Jerry   Seth   Sue   along   brings   drowned   end   face   hanged   here’s   mown   seen   shines   skipped   sons   year’s

New   Year’s
New   Year’s   comes ,
But   once   a   year ,
And   when   it   comes ,
It   brings   great   cheer .


Sad   Sue
Here’s   sad ,   sad   Sue ,
What   shall   we   do ?
Turn   her   face ,
To   the   wall ,
Till   she   comes   to .


Three Sons
There   was   an   old   mom ,
Who   had   three   sons,
Jack   and   James   and   Jerry.
James   was   hanged ,
Jack   was   drowned ,
Jerry   was   lost ,
And   was   not   found .
And   there   was   the   end ,
Of   her   three   sons ,
Jack   and   James   and   Jerry .


“Bill !   Bill !
Come   and   play ,
While   the   sun   shines ,
Bright   as   day .”
“Yes ,   my   sweet ,
So   I   will ,
For   I   love ,
To   please   you   still .”
“Bill !   Bill !
Have   you   seen ,
Seth   and   Beth ,
On   the   green ?”
“Yes,   my   sweet ,
I   saw   them   pass ,
They   skipped   on   top ,
Of   the   new – mown   grass .”
“Bill !   Bill !
Come   along ,
And   I   will   sing ,
A   sweet,   sweet   song .”


Lesson 43 – Poems And Rhymes

NEW   WORDS  :   ain’t   buns   chase   cross   dime   dogs   guess   if   makes   mice   most   mouse   peach   rats   screech   shock   want   worm

Cats   And   Dogs
Some   like   cats .
And   some   like   dogs .
And   both ,   of   course ,   are   nice .
IF   cats   and   dogs   are   what   you   want.
But   I ,   you   see ,   like   mice .
For   dogs   chase   cats .
And   cats   chase   rats .
I   guess   they   think   it’s   fun .
I   like   my   mouse   the   most. You   see ?
A   chase,   for   him ,   ain’t   fun .

Poem by N. M. Bodecker

Would   You ,   Too ?
If   I   could   go   as   high   and   low ,
As   the   wind ,   as   the   wind ,
As   the   wind   can   blow .
I’d   go !

Poem by John Ciardi 

Hot   Cross   Buns
Hot   cross   buns !
Hot   cross   buns !
One   a   dime ,
Two   a   dime .
Hot   cross   buns !
If   you   have   no   girls ,
Give   them   to   your   boys .
One   a   dime ,
Two   a   dime .
Hot   cross   buns !


Two   Sad
It’s   such   a   shock ,
Each   time   I   screech ,
When   I   find   a   worm ,
That’s   in   my   peach !
But   then ,   what   makes   me   so, so   blue ,
Is   to   find   a   worm ,
Who’s   bit ,   in   two !

Poem by William Cole

Lesson 44 – Poems And Rhymes

NEW   WORDS  :   chin   clap   ears   seems   tails   teeth   touch   you’re

If   You’re   Glad   And   You   Know   It
If   you’re   glad ,
And   you   know   it ,
Clap   your   hands .
If   you’re   glad ,
And   you   know   it ,
Clap   your   hands .
If   you’re   glad ,
And   you   know   it ,
Then   your   face   will   want   to   show   it.
If   you’re   glad ,
And   you   know   it ,
Clap   your   hands .


So ,   so   nice .
Their   tails   so   long ,
Each   face   so   small .
They   don’t   have   much ,
Of   a   chin ,   at   all .
Their   ears   are   pink .
Their   teeth   are   white .
They   run   all   ’round ,
The   house   at   night .
They   eat   at   things ,
They   should   not   touch .
And   no   one   seems ,
To   like   them   much .
But   I   think   mice   are   nice !

Poem by Rose Fyleman 


From Once I Saw A Wee, Wee, Bird

But   he   shook   his   wee,   wee   tail,
And   right   past   me ,   he   flew !


Old   Man   And   A   Calf
There   was   an   old   man ,
And   he   had   a   calf ,
And   that’s   half .
He   took   him   out   of   the   stall ,
And   put   him   on   the   wall ,
And   that’s   all .



From Five   Chicks
Five   young   chicks ,
My   aunt   does   keep . 



From Rice And Salt

He   bought   some   rice   and   salt ,
So   much   to   make   you   laugh .
So   much   to   last   his   mom ,
A   whole   year   and   a   half !

From Snow

And   when   it’s   time ,
To   go   home   to   eat ,
We’ll   have   snow   toes ,
On   our   iced – up   feet .



Kit’s   Cats
Kit   has   cats .
Kit’s   cats   run   fast .
Kit’s   cats   lap   up   milk .
Kit’s   cats   jump   up   on   Kit’s   bed .



Kit’s   Pants
Kit   had   red   pants .
Kit’s   pants   got   lost   at   camp .
Kit’s   mom   got   mad   at   Kit .
Kit’s   mom   can’t   stand   lost   pants .


From Three Sons

There   was   an   old   mom ,
Who   had   three   sons,
Jack   and   James   and   Jerry.


Activity 7) FINISH 3-LETTER: Other non-CVC single-consonant and short-vowel 3-letter words, all applicable short-vowels:


Now don’t act up in school today, okay?


The captain is at the aft of the ship.

I love the tone on my new guitar amp.

I like your new red and blue dress.
How did that ant crawl into my lap?

That rude kid is apt to chew with his mouth open.

I didn’t hear you, so ask me that again.

There is a “puss caterpillar” called an “asp” that is actually poisonous!

My Halloween costume is the elf on the Lucky Charms cereal box.

Did you know that an elk can also be called a “wapiti?”

Elm trees appeared about twenty million years ago.

Will this boring movie ever end?

You’re going to really like your science teacher this year, who’s named Mr. Eng.

She’s the best player on the team, and there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it!


People of their wealthy ilk can often be snobby.

My little brother’s an imp, and he likes to play tricks on people.

This fancy pen is leaking ink all over the paper.
It’s time for bed!

That deer will lose its antlers soon.


An oft-cited statistic is what percent of people are left-handed.

This is Ted, our company’s Ops Manager.

I’m going to opt out of receiving these annoying spam emails.


The ump called her “out” at first base.

Life is full of ups and downs.



That’s a sweet gift that you gave to me.


I poured some more milk in the cat’s bowl.


My Mom makes the best cakes.


All hands on deck!


My meal came with six huge shrimp.


While you’re here, let’s go through these files.


“Cat” rhymes with “mat.”


These are squash seeds.


There’s a bit of snow on the ground.


Today is the first day of the rest of your life!


Does this sauce taste good to you?


I may grill hot dogs for lunch.


How was your trip to New York?


I’ve been on a cruise just one time in my life.


Son, I need you to mow the grass.






Lesson 45 – Poems And Rhymes

NEW   WORDS  :   blind   breeze   chair   chanced   growl   hand’s   knife   loud   moose   must   roar   sight   soft   us   wild   you’d

A   Kite
I   like   to   sit   and   wish ,
That   I   could   be ,
A   kite   up   in   the   sky .
And   ride   right   on   the   breeze ,
And   go   just   the   way ,
I   chanced   to   blow .


Three   Blind   Mice
Three   blind   mice .
Three   blind   mice .
See   how   they   run !
See   how   they   run !
They   all   run ,
Right   for   the   farm – hand’s   wife ,
Who   cuts   off   their   tails ,
With   a   big ,   old   knife .
To   think   that   you’d   see ,
Such   a   sight   in   your   life ,
As   three   blind   mice !


Wild   Beasts
I   will   be   a   moose .
And   you   shall   be   a   bear .
And   each   of   us ,
Will   have   a   den ,
In   a   big ,   soft   chair .
And   you   must   growl ,
And   growl   and   growl .
And   I   will   roar ,
And   roar .
And   then ,
Why   then ,
You’ll   growl   so   loud .
And   I   will   roar   some   more !

Poem by Evaleen Stein

Lesson 46 – Beatrix Potter
Miss Madge: Part One

NEW   WORDS  :   Madge   after   behind   blast   blinks   brick   bump   claws   curses   darn   doesn’t  easy   forget   fur   hmm   hurts   late   laughs   maybe   ouch   peeps   puffed   pussy   quiet   really   sharp   she’ll   she’s   slides   stays   tongue   watches   waves   whiskers   winks   yikes

Look !   A   pussy   cat. “Miss   Madge.”   That’s   her   name .   She   has   sharp   claws .   And   sharp   teeth.   She   has   white   fur .   It   is   long .   So   are   her   whiskers .   What   does   she   hear ?   Hmm .   Could   it   be ?   A   mouse ? !   Maybe ?
 Yes !   A   mouse .   A   small   one .   We’ll   call   him   “Mouse .”   An   easy   name .   We   won’t   forget   it .   Mouse   peeps   out   behind   a   door .   He   makes   fun   of   her .   He’s   not   scared   of   cats .   He   sticks   his   tongue   out .    He   winks .   He   blinks.   He   waves .  He   laughs !


Miss   Madge   jumps !   She’s   after   Mouse !   But   she’s   too   late .   She   did   not   catch   Mouse .   She   slides .   FAST !   She   hits   her   head .   “Ow !   Ouch !   Darn !   Yikes !   Blast   it !   Curses !” The   door   is   hard !   REAL   hard !   Hard   as   a   rock !   Or   a   brick .   “That   hurts !   REALLY   hurts!”   She’ll   get   a   bump .   It   will   look   bad .   All   puffed   up .
 Now !   Mouse   watches   Miss   Madge .   He’s   on   a   chair .   He   stays   still .   He’s   quiet .   He   doesn’t   move   a   hair .


Lesson 47 – Beatrix Potter
Miss Madge: Part Two

NEW   WORDS  :   careful   close   drools   dumb   duster   flash   floor   fool   grabs   hangs   holds   hole   ill   looks   loose   moans   near   paws   sees   sick   slumps   smart   sneaky   strong   tease   teased   thinks   ties   very   wasn’t   what’s   worse

Miss   Madge   sees   him .   She   will   fool   him .   She’s   smart .   She   ties   her   head   in   a   duster .   She   sits   by   the   fire .   She   slumps .   Her   head   hangs   low .
 Mouse   thinks   she’s   sick .   “Hmm,”   he   thinks .   So !   He   slides   to   the   floor .   Down .   Down .   Down   he   goes .
 Miss   Madge   looks   worse .   Quite   ill.   She   drools .   She   moans .   Mouse   comes   near .


But   she’s   sly !   She   holds   her   head   in   her   paws .   But   she   can   see   him !   Through   a   hole   in   the   duster .   Very   sneaky !
 Mouse   comes   too   close .   Not   smart!   Not   wise !   Dumb !   Then .   In   a   flash !   Miss   Madge   jumps   on   Mouse !   She   grabs   him .   He   can’t   get   loose .   She’s   strong !
 Now   then .   What’s   next ?   Mouse   has   teased   her .   So !   She   will   get   him   back !   She   will   tease   Mouse .   That’s   not   nice .   But   Mouse   wasn’t   careful .




From Cats And Dogs

And   cats   chase   rats .
I   guess   they   think   it’s   fun .

From Sea  Frog

Here   we   sail ,
So   fast   and   free ,
And   the   frog   in   the   sea ,
He   can’t   catch   me !

From Big Bus, Stop

I’ll   go   to   the   park ,
To   see   the   beasts   in   the   zoo ,
To   ride   on   the   train ,
And   on   a   horse ,   too .
I’ve   got   my   hand   up !

From Ants

I   like   to   watch ,
Ten   ants   at   work ,
When   I   am   out   at   play .

From The Swing

Lakes   and   trees ,
And   cows   and   all ,
Fill   the   land ,
So   wide .

From Sing, Sang, Song, Sung     

While   he   sang ,
The   door   bell   rang ,
The   king   did   stop ,
And   yelled   out ,   “Dang !”

From Two Small Black Birds

Fly   far ,   Jack !
Fly   far ,   Jill !
Come   back ,   Jack !
Come   back ,   Jill !

From On The Ground 

When   I   laid   down ,
In   the   grass ,
I   watched   the   ants ,
And   Earth – worms   pass .



Activity 8) CVCC words: Short-A repeated exposure:

I’m going to try out for the school band.

The cannonball shot out with a loud bang.

Dad went to get some money at the bank.

I’m going to the pool to bask in the sun for about an hour.


That bat’s eyes look creepy.

A thousand bats flew out of the cave.

Did you have fun at summer camp?

Granny can’t hear very well.

I just don’t understand the cant of computer programmers.


We ordered new baseball caps for the team.

My favorite Edgar Allen Poe story is “The Cask Of Amontillado.”


They’ve got a great movie cast for this new spy thriller.


My cat’s fur is all black.

There are three cats in our neighborhood.

Why is the floor in the basement damp?

Dang it, I just can’t unscrew the top from this jar.

It’s a fact that water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Get dressed fast, so you’re not late for school.


There are way too many unhealthy fats in these frozen foods.


There was a famous singer / piano player named Fats Domino.

Can the gang come over and swim in our pool?

There are some gaps in the fence that you can crawl through.

She let out a gasp when she opened her big Christmas present.

Please hand me the bowl of potatoes.

I need to hang my jacket up in the closet.

My friend Hank has to wear glasses now.

Which of these hats looks best with this dress?

The bulb in the lamp needs to be replaced.

The plane will land in five minutes.

Mrs. Lang, our librarian, said that we used good inside voices in the library today.



I have not tried to ride a horse.


Even as a grown-up, I am still scared of bugs.


They say that it will be a cold winter this year.


I’ll miss you while you’re on your trip.


Here’s the book that I think you’ll love.


Most folks are ice cream fans.


My nose is stuffed up.


I love jumping on my bed.


This rain will be good for our plants.


Dogs have a great sense of smell.


Our niece is an only child.


They have three children.


Dad, will you grill some corn on the cob?


I own a rare car.


I’ve not seen that show yet.









Lesson 48 – Beatrix Potter
Miss Madge: Part Three

NEW   WORDS  :   about   ahh   bet   dancing   drags   ever   hears   hiss   jig   mean   oops   outside   poke   rolls   runs   safe   says   screams   snuck   throws   toy   untied   wait   where’s   yell   yells

She’s   so   mean !   She   ties   Mouse   in   the   duster .   She   throws   it   like   a   ball .   It   rolls   on   the   floor .   She   bats   it .   She   drags   it .   She   laughs ! “Don’t   make   fun   of   me !”   she   says .   “EVER !   I   don’t   like   that !   I   get   mad !”
 Ahh !   But   what   about   that   hole ?   ( In   the   duster . )   So !   She   untied   it .   Oops !   There   was   no   mouse !   “What ?   Where’s   he   gone ?   How   did   he   get   loose ?   This   can’t   be!”


Well !   Mouse   has   snuck   out !   He   has   run   from   her .   He’s   fast !   Now ,   he’s   dancing   a   jig !   He’s   safe   on   the   chair .   He   yells ,   “Slow   poke !   Can’t   catch   me !   Slow   poke !   Can’t   catch   me !”
 Miss   Madge   is   red – hot   mad !   She   screams !   “You   just   wait .   Some   day !    I’ll   get   you !   You’ll   be   my   play   toy !   You’ll   see !”
 Mouse   says ,   “Bet   you   can’t !   I’m   too   smart   for   you !”   Mouse   runs   to   the   window .   He   runs   outside .   He   can   hide   there .
 But   he   hears   Miss   Madge   yell .   “We   shall   see ,   Mouse !   Watch   your   back !   You   don’t   know   when   I’ll   show   up !   MEOW !   MEOW !   HISS !   HISS !”


Lesson 49 – Poems And Rhymes

NEW   WORDS  :   Jane   baa   bags   barn   boss   bout   care   corn   cow’s   dart   dash   full   ghost   hay   knees   lane   lies   lives   neck   route   sheep’s   sir   sleep   stack   stare   sure   takes   washed   wool   yard

Baa ,   Baa ,   Black   Sheep
Baa ,   baa ,
Black   sheep ,
Have   you   some   wool ?
Yes   sir ,
Yes   sir ,
Three   bags   full .
One   for   the   boss ,
One   for   his   wife ,   Jane .
And   one   for   the   young   boy ,
Who   lives   down   the   lane .


Head   And   Neck ,   Knees   And   Toes
Head   and   neck ,
Knees   and   toes ,
Knees   and   toes .
Head   and   neck ,
Knees   and   toes ,
Knees   and   toes .
Eyes   and   ears ,
And   mouth   and   nose .
Head   and   neck ,
Knees   and   toes ,
Knees   and   toes .


The   Wind   And   The   Moon
Said   the   wind   to   the   moon ,
“I’ll   blow   you   out .
You   stare   in   the   air ,
Like   a   ghost   in   a   chair .
You   look   to   spy ,
On   my   next   route ,
I   hate   to   be   watched .
I’ll   blow   you   out .”

Poem by George MacDonald

Wee   Boy   Blue
Wee   Boy   Blue ,
Come   blow   your   horn .
The   sheep’s   in   the   barn   yard ,
The   cow’s   in   the   corn .
But   where   is   the   boy ,
Who   takes   care   of   the   sheep ?
He   lies   on   a   hay   stack ,
He’s   gone ,   fast ,   to   sleep .


If   I   could   wish ,
I’d   be   a   fish ,
For   just   a   day   or   two .
To   flip   and   flash ,
And   dart   and   dash ,
And   not   much   else   to   do .
And   not   to   have ,
To   hear   one   say ,
“Are   you   quite   sure ,
You   washed   this   day ?”
I’d   like   it ,   how   ’bout   you ?

Poem by Dorothy Brown Thompson

Lesson 50 – Inf./Deriv. Build

NEW  WORDS  :   Ann   Bob’s   Jill’s   Jin’s   Joe’s   John’s   Kim’s   Mark’s   Min’s   Pat’s   Tom’s   aren’t   bird’s   cat’s   coming   dad’s   doing   falling   feeling   feels   fishing   foggy   foxes   funny   going   guy’s   guys   hilly   hopped   how’s   hunting   joke   looking   loves   making   mom’s   pop’s   raining   running   shirt   singing   these   those   turned   vets   walking   we’re   years   yours   zoos

Ann   is   nice .
That’s   Bob’s   frog .
There’s   Dad’s   car .
Mom   feels   blue .
Is   that   yours ?
They’re   great   guys .
Run   home ,   Tom !
Don’t   do   that !
That’s   an   ox .
His   cat’s   black .
Jill’s   funny !
Let’s   eat   out .
That   guy’s   cool .
Vets   love   pets .
Mark’s   walking   home .
Stop   doing   that .


What’s   up ?
I’m   ten   now .
Jin’s   my   friend .
Pat’s   coming   here .
That   frog   hopped .
Get   into   bed .
It’s   foggy   out .
I’m   looking   up .
That   bird’s   singing .
Mom’s   making   cake .
He’s   feeling   bad .
That’s   Tom’s   horse .
Put   on   a   shirt .
You’re   fast !
Kim   loves   zoos .


Aren’t   you   sweet ?
It’s   hilly   here .
We’re   going   home .
Were   you   there ?
He   sees   two   dogs .
Joe’s   falling   down !
It’s   raining !
Will   it   snow ?
Min’s   running   fast .
How’s   he   doing ?
They’re   hunting   foxes .
Dad   loves   fishing .
Tom   turned   five .
That’s   John’s   boat .
That   man’s   tall !
Kim’s   three   years   old .
Tell   me   a   joke .
Those   are   mine.
These   are   Pop’s .




From If You’re Glad And You Know It

If   you’re   glad ,
And   you   know   it ,
Clap   your   hands .
If   you’re   glad ,
And   you   know   it ,
Clap   your   hands .


Park   Play
Each   bright   sun – up ,
I   can   play ,
In   the   park ,
That’s   on   my   way .
I   can   run ,
And   I   can   shout .
I   am   glad
When   I   come   out .

From The Swing

And   cows   and   all ,
Fill   the   land ,
So   wide .
Till   I   look   down
On   the   grass ,
So   green ,
Down   on   the   roof ,
So   brown .


Kit   and   Stan
Kit   ran   and   hid .
Stan   ran   and   got   Kit .
Stan   ran   and   hid .
Kit   ran   and   got   Stan .
Kit   and   Stan   had   fun .



Kit’s   Hats
Kit   has   hats .
Kit   has   big   hats .
Kit   has   flat   hats .
Kit   has   fun   hats .


Activity 8) CVCC words: Short-A repeated exposure … continued:


That tall marathon runner is lank and lean.


We both spilled milk in our laps.


Though she came in last in the race, she was proud that she finished.


Mac’s cat just scratched our Dachshund.


Which of these two maps is more up-to-date?


That’s a great mask to wear on Halloween.


Climb to the crow’s nest at the top of the mast and see if you can sight land yet.


We need to hose off the car’s floor mats and let them dry.


I’m too old to take naps any more.


My dog starts to pant after running for a minute.


Uh-oh, it’s WAY past your bedtime!


Pat’s grandparents are visiting for a week.


Mark pats his cat kind of roughly and gets scratched a lot.


We’re going to ride a raft going down the river.


We need to ramp up and get ready for the CEO’s visit to our factory.


Rand Paul served as U.S. Senator from the state of Kentucky.


I rang the doorbell twice, but no one came to the door.


My uncle just attained the rank of colonel in the Army.


The politician went on a rant about how the other Party was attacking his views.


There’s a bird that raps on our kitchen window on most mornings.


The ghost spoke with a grisly rasp in its throat.


My pet rat’s gotten out of his cage.


I actually think her two white rats are cute.


Most of our subdivision is built as a series of cul-de-sacs.


Let’s get the sand out of our shoes before going in the house.


We sang Christmas carols for an hour.


My toy sank to the bottom of the deep end of the pool.


A hot, humid day like this really saps the energy out of you!


Are those candies that you’re eating Tic-Tacs?


The new employee at the office has no tact at all.


This talc will help to soothe the baby’s diaper rash.


I watched my uncle tamp down the tobacco in his pipe.


Here’s a new tank of helium to use in blowing up the balloons.


She taps her foot to the rhythm when she’s playing her flute.


I’m done with all but one task that you asked me to complete.


The jazz band’s leader said, “Let’s vamp to this chord progression.


Professor Wang has her Ph.D. in quantum physics.


I kept trying to yank the Frisbee out of the dog’s mouth, but he wouldn’t let go of it.


The principle of Yin and Yang is that you can’t separate opposites like dark and light; they’re tied to each other.


Zac’s my new best friend.


Watch how the alien zaps him with his ray gun.



The air smells so fresh right now.


I ate way too much!


This side of the house gets no sun.


I had such a good time last night.


It’s been years since I’ve seen them.


It’s too cold out here, so let’s go inside.


Gross, there’s a fly in my soup!


We get to go on our big summer trip next week.


I have not heard of that show.


I’d also like some more cheese.


You have such a wee cat.


Your face is a bit red from the sun.


The rest room is just past that door.


Don’t make a sound!


I raked up all of the leaves.









Lesson 51 – Space Hawk

NEW  WORDS :   Bree   Max’s   ah   baby   better   called   captain   crew   cries   follow   friends   front   hi   its   learn   meet   never   number   other   points   relax   screen   space   trips   whoa

Nice   To   Meet   You
Hi ,   who   are   you ?   Ah !   Nice   to  meet   you ,   YOU .   I’m   doing   well ,  are   you ?   Good !
That   is   Max .   Max   jumps .   He  yells,   “Oh ,   my !   WHOA !   Watch  out!   What   in   the   world   was  that?!”
That   is   Bree .   Bree   says , “Max ,  relax .   It   is   a   sun   spot   on   that  star .   See   it ?   Right   there .”   Bree  points ,   and   they   look   at   the  screen .
Max   cries   out .   “Wow !   It   scared  me .   It   hurt   my   eyes .”


Bree   laughs   and   says ,   “Cry  baby!”
Max  yells ,  “Bree ,  that’s  mean .  I’m  the  Captain .  You  are  my  Number  One .  You  should  not  talk  like  that .  Not  to  me ,  and  never  in  front  of  the  crew !”
Bree  feels  bad .  She  looks  down .  She  says ,  “You  are  right .  I  will  do  better .”
Max smiles . “Good . Thank you . That  helps me .”
Now  then .  Back  to  you ,  YOU .  This  is  Max’s  space  ship .  It’s  big .  It  is  called  “SPACE  HAWK .”  They  go  all  through  space .  They  make  new  friends .  They  learn  from  each  other .  So ,  YOU .  Stick  with  us .  Follow  SPACE  HAWK  on  its  trips.  Have  fun  with the crew !



Lesson 52 – Space Hawk


NEW  WORDS :  Bree’s  alien  always  any  boom  calls  calm  cap  closes  computer  courage  giant  hello  kind  map  only  orange  palm  picks  place  powers  rays  speaks  speed  stares  super  turns  welcome  zoom

Hello ,   YOU .   Welcome   back !   Hope  you’re   fine .   I   am !
SPACE   HAWK   can   go   any   place .    It’s   Bree .   She   is   magic !  Guess  what ?   She   has   super   powersBree’s  an  Alien .  The  only  Alien  on  SPACE  HAWK .   The  crew  loves  her !  She’s  smart .  She’s  kind .  She  has  courage .  She’s  a  good  friend .
Bree  speaks  up .  “So .  Cap  Max .  (She  calls  him  Cap .  Short  for  Captain.)  Where  next ?”
Max  looks  to  his  right .  The  star  map.  He  stares .  He  thinks  hard .  He  picks  a  star . “Bree .  Try  that  blue  giant .  Who  might  we  meet ?”  Max  smiles . “Hot  dog !  This  will  be  fun !  Like  always !”

Bree  says , “Boss .  You  got  it !  Let’s  do  it !”  She  turns .

Now !  The  magic .  Way  cool !  Bree  does  her   thing .

Bree  closes  her  eyes .  She’s  calm .  She  thinks  hard .  Then ,  WOW !  You  see  rays .  Bright !  Red .  Orange .  Yellow .  Gold .  You  hear  them . “BUZZ!  ZOOM !” They  come  out  of  her  hand!  The  palm ,  that  is .  Into  the  computer.  Now !  They  are  set .  The  ship  knows  where  to  go .

SPACE  HAWK  turns .  They’re  off !  “BOOM !”  They  jump  to  light  speed .  They  head  to  a  new  place  to  learn !


Lesson 53 – Pattern-Builder Poems

NEW  WORDS :  Batman  Dan  Fran  Gran  Jan  Japan  above  beach  before  began  blew  boo  clue  coo  cooked  dew  fan  glue  goo  grief  landed  large  moo  nuts  over  owned  perhaps  plan  pooped  poor  rhyme’s  scan  ship’s  shoulder  shouts  slime’s  span  stew  stopped  tan  tracks  tripped  true  twins  weird  whose  wing 

Not  A  Clue !
Hi !  I’m  Sue .
I  love  blue .
But  I  don’t  like  glue .
What  do  you  know ?
The  cow  moans ,  “Moo !”
The  bird  sings ,  “Coo .”
The  ghost  shouts ,  “Boo .”
This  slime’s  called ,  “Goo .”
With  twins ,  you  get  TWO .
I  love  the  zoo .
Do  you,  too ?
So,  what’s  new ?
On  your  yard ,
Is  there  dew ?
I  know  that  the  wind  blew .
I  know  that  the  bird  flew .
I  cooked  a  good  stew .
I  asked  what  you  knew .
Were  you  on  a  ship’s  crew ?
Good  grief .
What  should  we  do ?
This  rhyme’s  gone  nuts .
That  is  true .
Why  this  got  so  weird ,
I  don’t  have  a  clue !


Stan  The  Man
My  name  is  Fran ,
And  I  am  a  fan ,
Of  a  guy  named  Stan ,
Whose  Gran  is  named  Ann ,
And  whose  aunt  is  named  Jan .
He’s  “Stan  The  Man .”
He  had  a  plan ,
To  go  to  the  beach ,
To  get  a  tan .
He  ran  past  a  van ,
Owned  by  a  man  named  Dan ,
But  Stan  tripped  on  a  pan .
And  he  landed  on  his  can .
Stopped  in  his  tracks ,
Before  his  tan  began .
Above  his  head ,
I  could  scan ,
A  great  big  bird ,
With  a  large  wing  span ,
Perhaps  from  Japan .
It  flew  over  Stan ,
Cool  old  Stan  The  Man ,
And  pooped  on  his  shoulder ,
Then  flew  off  like  Batman !
Poor  Stan !





From Miss Madge

Miss   Madge   jumps !   She’s   after   Mouse !   But   she’s   too   late .   She   did   not   catch   Mouse .   She   slides .   FAST !   She   hits   her   head .


Now   then .   What’s   next ?   Mouse   has   teased   her .   So !   She   will   get   him   back !


But   he   hears   Miss   Madge   yell .   “We   shall   see ,   Mouse !   Watch   your   back !”

From Head And Neck

Head   and   neck ,
Knees   and   toes ,
Knees   and   toes .

From Inf/Deriv Build

Vets   love   pets .


From Space Hawk

Hi ,   who   are   you ?   Ah !   Nice   to   meet   you ,   YOU .   I’m   doing   well ,   are   you ?   Good !

From Ma And Pa   

They’re   so   much   fun !
They   tell   great   jokes !
Ha !   Ha !

From My Tie

Good – bye,   tie .
It   was   the   best   tie ,
I   think   I’ll   die !

A   Goat

A   goat   one   day ,
He   felt   so   fine ,
He   ate   ten   shirts ,
From   off   the   line !



Activity 9) CCVC words: Short-A repeated exposure:

You’re not going to blab about this to Mom, are you?

Hey Brad, are you up for a game of checkers?

I hope that he doesn’t brag all day about getting an “A” on the test.

I’ll just have a bowl of bran flakes cereal for breakfast.


I’m afraid her kid is just a little brat.

Don’t clap until she takes a bow.

A crab just crawled onto your beach towel.

I can’t cram any more junk into the trash can.

Drat, I locked my keys in the car.

I’d better go on a diet, because there’s too much flab in my tummy.

How many stars are on the American flag?

Fold this flap over, and then put some tape here.

The poor kid tripped and fell flat on his face.

I put flax seeds in my homemade smoothies, because they’re loaded with nutrients.


Fran told me she thought I’d really enjoy this book.

The frat that my dad was in, in college, was Chi Phi.


I’m glad to finally meet you.

I need to grab a quick bite before the afternoon meeting.

A gram of salt is about a 28th of an ounce.

I think that’s a good plan for fixing the problem.

I’m happy to see that your scab finally healed.

She yelled, “SCAT!” to the squirrel that got into our picnic food.

When you go out, please don’t slam the door.

I learned how to do a fake slap in the face in drama class today.

This slat in our Venetian blinds has come loose.


We seem to have hit a snag in our game plan.

Tina just learned how to snap her fingers.

I grew up eating lots of Spam sandwiches.

We’re going to study the twenty-year time span surrounding the Civil War.

He spat out about five watermelon seeds.

Now don’t stab me in the back by telling others my little secret!

Stan asked you to call him after two o’clock.

My boss said, “That particular stat in your presentation is the most telling piece of data that we’ve got.


Mom, I swam seven laps in the pool today!

I saw another critter in the kitchen, so we need to put out a mouse trap.


The exchange student from Russia is named “Vlad.”



Our hen laid an egg last night.


You’ll love this house when you move in.


I was sad to see him leave for a new job.


You will feel better in a day or two.


Sit down by the warm fire.


The sky got dark as the storm moved in.


The main crop on their farm is soy beans.


Let me give you a big hug.


I know that he’d like to get a new bike.


It’s time for us to spring into action.


I get the same thing to eat for lunch each time that I come here.


Mom, sing me a song!


That poor kid has two left feet.


They named their baby son “Todd.”


I always go to church each week.








Lesson 54 – Pattern-Builder Poems

NEW  WORDS :  Brad  Chad  ad  bar  boxcar  cad  catnap  chap  cop’s  cops  drive  film  flap  grad  guitar  har  iPad  jaguar  known  lad  loved  mess  nap  pit  plaid  radar  sap  scar  school  scrap  slap  snap  stole  stuck  tad  tar  wear  woke  yap

Stuck !
I  had  my  best  guitar ,
When  I  came  out  of  a  bar ,
Next  to  an  old  boxcar .
I  saw  a  well – loved  film  star ,
Who  had  a  well – known  scar ,
But  he  could  not  get  far ,
‘Cause  I  saw  him  drive  his  car ,
( I  think  it  was  a  Jaguar ) ,
Past  a  cop’s  radar ,
In  to  a  pit  of  tar .
HAR !  HAR !


Sap  On  A  Map
I  heard  my  loud  dog  yap ,
It  woke  me  from  my  nap .
I  put  back  on  my  cap ,
My  cap  with  a  long  flap ,
And  I  saw  on  my  map ,
That  was  right  in  my  lap ,
A  big  drop  of  tree  sap .
At  this  I  did  not  clap ,
‘Cause  I  am  not  a  chap ,
Who  likes  a  mess  on  my  map .
This  kind  of  thing  makes  me  snap !
Just  a  small,  small  scrap ,
Of  sap  on  my map ,
Makes  me  want  to  slap ,


Brad  The  Bad  Lad
I  know  a  bad  lad ,
A  high  school  grad ,
Who  likes  to  wear  plaid ,
And  sing  with  his  iPad .
His  name  is  Brad .
He’s  quite  a  cad .
He  stole  some  coins ,
Right  from  my  Dad .
Dad  was  a  tad  sad ,
And  then  he  got  mad ,
And  called  his  friend  Chad ,
Who  took  out  a  want – ad .
Some  one  found  Brad ,
Called  Dad  from  the  ad ,
The  cops  picked  up  Brad ,
And  now  we  are  glad !



Lesson 55 – Dolch-Builder

NEW  WORDS :  Christmas  Claus  Santa  again  apple  around  ask  away  because  birthday  bread  bring  brother  carry  chicken  children  coat  cold  cut  doll  draw  egg  every  farmer  father  flower  game  garden  gave  help  hold  juts  kitty  leg  little  lots

I  love  Christmas !
Santa  Claus  is  cool !
Well ,  how  about  that !
Can  you  come  after  five ?
He  did  it  again !
I’m  always  here  for  you .
I  don’t  have  any .
This  is  a  sweet  apple .
I  know  she  is  around  here .
What  did  you  ask  me ?
Don’t  go  away !
Is  that  your  baby ?
Because  I  said  so !
Think  before  you  talk .


I  feel  better  now .
My  birthday  is  on  the  first .
I  know  both  of  them .
That’s  a  good  boy !
Pass  the  bread ,  please .
Bring  that  to  me .
Tom  is  my  brother .
Carry  this  to  the  car .
Sit  in  that  chair .
“Cluck ,”  goes  the  chicken .
Where  are  the  children ?
Put  on  your  coat .
Did  you  catch  a  cold ?
It’s  time  to  pick  the  corn .
That  cow  is  too  thin .


Did  you  cut  your  hair ?
I  got  a  new  doll !
Draw  that  for  me .
Hand  me  that  egg .
I  go  every  once  in  a  while .
That  farmer  has  lots  of  pigs .
Sam  is  my  father .
I’m  five  feet  tall .
Start  the  fire .
The  floor  is  wet .
What’s  that  red  flower ?
I  found  it !
That  box  is  full .
You’re  funny !
Can  we  play  a  game ?


What  is  in  your  garden ?
She  gave  me  this .
I’m  going  home .
Grow  up ,  Bob !
Has  she  called  you ?
Can  you  help  me ?
That’s  her  cat .
Hold  this  for  me .
I’ll  try  if  you  will .
Get  into  the  van .
This  juts  into  the  next  room .
She’s  so  kind !
What  a  sweet  kitty !
My  leg  is  hurt .
That’s  a  little  too  much .




Lesson 56 – Space Hawk

New Kid

NEW  WORDS :  Pam  Pam’s  aliens  answered  bald  bodies  breath  dinner  duh  eighty  gee  grinned  grown  hey  kid  knock  laughed  library  many  pounds  skin  skinny  smiled  strange  student  study  table  than  twenty  twigs  ups  weigh  wine  wonder  worlds

Pam  Fox  is  new . Not  really  a  kid .  She’s  twenty – four . She’s  here  to  learn !  She’s  a  student . Pam  wants  to  know  more . About  Aliens !
We  were  in  the  library .  I  sat  next  to  her .  I asked , “Pam ?  How  long  will  you  be  here?”
“A  year  or  so .  I  think ,” she  said .
“Great !”  I  said . “You  will  learn  lots .  What  will  you  study ?”
“Aliens .  How  their  bodies  work .  How  much  they  are  like  us .  And ,  how  they  are  NOT.”  Pam  took  a  breath .  “I  wonder .  How  many  worlds  can  we  see ?  In  a  year ?”
answered ,  “Five  or  so .  If  we  have  good  luck .”
“Cool !”  Pam  yelled . “Tell  me  about  Aliens .  Ones  you  have  seen .”


“Sure !”  I  said .  “Let’s  see .  Weird  ones !  First ,  World  F652 .  Just  like  us.  But ,  ten  feet  tall .  Thin .  And  red  skin .”
Pam  stopped  me .  “What  shade  of  red?”
I  said ,  “Oh !  VERY  dark .  Like  red  wine .  And  one  more  thing .  They  have  yellow  eyes .  Close  to  gold .”
Pam  asked ,  “How  skinny ?  What  did  they  weigh ?”
laughed .  “Like  twigs .  Hmm .  The  grownups .  No  more  than  eighty  pounds .”
“Whoa !  Gee ,”  cried  Pam .  “Could  the  wind  knock  them  down?”
I  laughed ,  “No .  Not  at  all .  World  F652  has  no  wind !  It’s  as  still  as  a  rock .”
Pam’s  eyes  got  big .  “For  real ? !  What  was  that  like ?”
I  came  back  with ,  “Strange !  No  breeze .  One  good  thing  with  that .  You  can  not  mess  up  your  hair !”
Pam  grinned .  “Well ,  duh !  You’re  bald!”  We  each  laughed  hard .  “Hey  . Sit  at  my  table  at  dinner .  Tell  me  more.”
smiled . “You  got  it !”




Fall   Down

There   was   a   cat ,
Who   climbed   a   tree ,
When   he   fell   down ,
Then   down   fell   he !

From Just Like Me    

I   went   up   one   pair   of   stairs .
Just   like   me .
I   went   up   two   pairs   of   stairs .
Just   like   me .

From Scared To Fly

I   looked   at   him ,
With   my   left   eye ,
And   walked   up   to   him ,
By – and – by.

From The Swing

Up   in   the   air ,
And   past   the   wall ,
To   fly   so   well ,
I’ve   tried .

From Sing, Sang, Song, Sung

While   he   sang ,
The   door   bell   rang ,
The   king   did   stop ,
And   yelled   out ,   “Dang !”

From Five Wee Ducks  

He   ruled   the   rest ,
With   a   “Quack !   Quack !   Quack !”

Kit’s   Mom

Kit’s   mom   gets   up   at   six .
Kit’s   mom   gets   dad   up .
Kit’s   mom   gets   Kit   up .
Kit’s   mom   gets   dad   fed .
Kit’s   mom   gets   Kit   fed .
Kit’s   mom   gets   Kit’s   pets   fed . 

From Kit

Max   helps   Jen   get   up .
Jen   helps   Kent   get   up .
Kent   helps   Ted   get   up .


Fast   Fred   gulps   and   gulps .
Fred   gets   milk   on   his   desk .



Activity 10) CVCC words: Short-E repeated exposure:


Should I wear my black or brown belt with this outfit?


Slow down when you get to this next bend in the road.


That old man is all bent over when he walks.


Make your best efforts in today’s tennis match, okay?


My Dad bets that the Packers will win the Super Bowl this year.


That pianist is very deft with her hands on the keyboard.


Blast it, someone left a dent on our car in the parking lot.


I left my glasses on my desk in the bedroom.


I felt happy when I got an “A” on my test.


Mom’s got book club tonight, so we have to fend for ourselves for dinner.


My sister gets flustered about two hours before her date picks her up.


It is a flimsy table, without much heft to it.


It was nice that you held the door open for that elderly lady.  


Commander, you take the helm while I’m in my ready-room.


Could you help me to bring the groceries in from the car?  


Along with bamboo, hemp is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth.  


Surely you jest; you can’t run a 4-minute mile!


Too many loud jets fly over our house at night.


Did you know that the seaweed called “kelp” can be burned to get soda ash?


Superman disguises himself as Clark Kent.


The baby kept crying until she got her milk bottle.


Only about ten percent of people are left-handed.


Could you please lend me a hand in moving this heavy box?


I didn’t know that you’d lent your bicycle to Amy.


Keep mum about Dad’s birthday party, lest it ruin the surprise for him.


Let’s go out to dinner tonight!


I hope that the coach lets me be the quarterback for part of the game.


You have to melt sugar to make caramel.


Mom, can you mend the holes in these socks?


There are three blue eggs in that bird’s nest.


It’s funny how teams cut down the nets when they win basketball games.


Who is next in line?


That athlete’s pecs are ripped!



I hope that we can go to the beach next year.


I bought a bunch of new clothes last week.


Show me how to do that.


She jumped in the pond and made a big splash.


That farmer has lots of cows.


He’s as sly as a fox!


Up to six big men can fit in that van.


Give me your word that this will be done on time!


I’m poor at most sports.


I’ll move on to high school next year.


I need to go to the rest room.


I’d move that chair to this side of the room.


Which of these hats goes best with this dress?


I bet that song will be a huge hit.


The next new car that we get should be blue.









Lesson 57 – Inf./Deriv. Build

NEW  WORDS :  baked  bites  bitten  blowing  cannot  clouding  cloudy  crying  died  dog’s  doors  eating  feed  flooding  heads  horses  lead  lucky  lying  nosy  parking  prayers  putting  rains  rides  riding  sailing  seeing  ships  shoes  sitting  smiling  snowing  stair  standing  stars  sticky  sunny  sweets  that’d  they’ll  tied  trains  watching  we’ve  why’d  why’s  wind’s  windy

Kim  baked  a  cake .
Those  bees  buzz .
Kim  knows  Jin .
I  wasn’t  there .
I  knew  that !
My  dog  bites .
Was  Tom  bitten ?
I’m  so  lucky !
They’ll  come  here  first .
I  cannot  see  it .
I  tied  my  shoes .
I  love  riding  trains .
He’s  eating  sweets .
Why’d  you  do  that ?
It’s  flooding !
Why’s  Kim  crying ?


Heads  or  toes ?
The  bee  died .
Look ,  Joe  smiled !
Climb  up  that  tree .
I’m  seeing  stars .
Mark  stayed  home .
This  is  sticky !
I’m  watching  those  ships .
I’ll  feed  the  dog .
The  wind’s  blowing .
It’s  cloudy .
Cut  my  hair .
It’s  windy  out .
It’s  clouding  up .
Lead  the  way !
I’d  like  some .


Here’s  some  cake .
My  dog’s  smiling .
Is  it  snowing ?
Sit  on  that  stair .
I’m  standing  up .
Are  you  lying ?
It’s  sunny  out .
I  hope  it  rains .
You’d  like  it !
Say  your  prayers .
That’d  be  great !
We’ve  been  there .
Stop  being  nosy .
Dad’s  parking  the  car .
I  picked  it  up .
Pigs  are  pink .


That  pleased  me .
I’m  putting  it  on .
Mom  rides  horses .
We’re  going  sailing .
Row  that  boat .
He’s  sitting  still .
Shut  the  doors .



Lesson 58 – Poems And Rhymes

NEW  WORDS :  barks  caw  chirp  cream  crows  gives  grunt  heart  hogs  kicked  leave  mew  owl  owls  peep  save  squeak  tart  touched  whines

Sweet  Cow
The  sweet ,  old  cow ,
All  red  and  white ,
I  love  with  all  my  heart .
She  gives  me  cream ,
With  all  her  might ,
To  eat  with  my  pear  tart .

Poem by Robert Louis Stevenson

Bo – Peep
Young  Bo – Peep  has  lost  her  sheep ,
And  can’t  tell  where  to  find  them .
Leave  them  be ,  and  they’ll  come  home ,
And  bring  their  tails  right  with  them .


Jack  The  Mule
I  had  a  good  mule ,
And  his  name  was  Jack .
I  rode  on  his  tail ,
To  save  his  back .
This  small ,  young  mule ,
He  kicked  so  high ,
I  thought  that  I  had
Touched  the  sky !


To  Hear  My  Song
“Bow – wow ,”
Barks  the  dog .
Mew – mew ,”
Cries  the  cat .
Grunt – grunt ,”
Goes  the  hog .
Squeak – squeak ,”
Whines  the  rat .
Chirp – chirp ,”
Sings  the  blue  bird .
Caw – caw ,”
Shouts  the  crow .
“Quack – quack ,”
Says  the  duck .
And  the  white  owl ,
You  know .
So ,  with  blue  birds  and  white  owls ,
With  rats  and  with  dogs ,
With  ducks  and  with  crows ,
With  cats  and  with  hogs !
A  fine  song  I’ve  made ,
To  please  you ,  my  dear .
And  if  it’s  well  sung ,
It  will  be  great  to  hear !



Lesson 59 – Beatrix Potter
Fierce  Bad  Rabbit

NEW  WORDS :  alive  bang  bench  breathes  calms  carrot  creeps  drops  fierce  finds  gun  hides  hops  one’s  pushes  rabbit  rabbit’s  scratches  shoots  shot  steals  zip

Look !  There !  A  fierce ,  Bad  Rabbit.  Mean  whiskers .  Sharp  claws .  Red  eyes .  Turned – up  tail .  He’s  no  one’s  friend !
Look !  Here !  A  nice ,  Sweet  Rabbit .  He  has  a  carrot .  He  got  it  from  his  mom .  He  just  wants  to  eat .
Bad  Rabbit  wants  some  carrot .  He  does  not  say , “Please .”  He  hops  up .  He  pushes  Sweet  Rabbit .  He  yells .  “That’s  mine !”  He  steals  the  carrot !  And  he  scratches  Sweet  Rabbit !
“Ouch !  That  hurts !”  Sweet  Rabbit  creeps  to  a  hole .  He  hides  there .  He’s  sad .  And  mad .  He  takes  a  big  breath .  He  calms  down .


This  is  a  man .  He’s  got  a  gun .  He  sees  some  thing .  It  sits  on  a  bench .  He  thinks  it’s  a  kind  of  bird !  He creeps up  from  the  trees .  Then  he  shoots !  “BANG !”
Then  watch  this !  He  gets  to  the  bench .  He  drops  his  gun .  This  is  all  he  finds .  Not  a  thing !  No  bird .  No  Bad  Rabbit .  Just  these  things .  There’s  a  tail .  A  white  tail .  And  whiskers !  Mean  whiskers !  He  shot  off  Bad  Rabbit’s  tail .  And  whiskers !
Sweet  Rabbit  peeps  from  his  hole .  He  sees  Bad  Rabbit  zip  past .  Fast !  “Zoom !”  He’s  scared .  His  eyes  are  big .  He  breathes  hard .  He’s  got  no  tail !  No  more .  He’s  got  no  whiskers!  No  more .  But  he’s  lucky .  He’s  still  alive .
We  hope  Bad  Rabbit  will  learn  to  be  nice  now !





New   Year’s
New   Year’s   comes ,
But   once   a   year ,
And   when   it   comes ,
It   brings   great   cheer .

From Jay Frog

Jay  said ,  “I’ll  get  some  worms .  Then  I’ll  fish ,  and  I’ll  catch  minnows.  That  will  be  my  lunch ,  a  big  dish  of  them .  I  want  to  catch  lots  of  themThen  I  can  have  my  friends  come  over .”

From Ants

I   like   to   see   them ,
Run   a   lot ,
And   move   the   crumbs ,
Some   where .
And   when   I   plug ,
An   ant   hill   door ,
To   keep   them ,
In   their   den ,
I   like   to   see   them ,
Find   a   way ,
To   get   out   side ,
All   ten .



Fast   Fred
Kit’s   pal   Fred   gulps   his   milk .
Fast   Fred   gulps   and   gulps .
Fred   gets   milk   on   his   desk .
Fred   gets   milk   on   his   pants .
Fred   gets   milk   on   Kit .
Kit   gets   mad   at   Fred .
“Stop   it ,   Fred !”



Activity 10) CVCC words: Short-E repeated exposure … continued:


I’m going to pelt dad with snowballs when he gets home!


After sitting in the car for six hours, the kids have a lot of pent-up energy.


My morning cup of coffee peps me up while I get ready to go to work.


I think that your little yapping dog is nothing more than a pest!


My pet’s name is Sonic.


When she pets her cat, the kitty starts to purr and drool.


The new refs that they’ve hired this year are making pretty effective calls in the games.


Godzilla will rend those buildings into pebbles.


Make sure that you aren’t late in paying this month’s rent.   


We have our annual meeting with all of the sales reps next week.


I’m going to rest a bit before starting to fix dinner.


I’ll have this email finished up in just a few more secs.


The anarchist broke away from the Liberal Party and formed his own radical sect.


Tom is pretty self-aware about how he looks with his mouth’s new braces.


Let’s send Grandma flowers for her birthday.


I should have cooled down a bit before I sent that angry email.


Make sure that he sets it down gently so that it doesn’t break.


You’re sick, all right; your temp is 102 degrees.


I tend to prefer reading fiction more than non-fiction.


Let’s put the tent up by that large oak tree.


I hope that I didn’t flunk the test!


Can one of you kids text your dad that we’re in a traffic jam?


I think I’ll vend my photos at one of those sidewalk arts and crafts shows.


Close that vent so that it doesn’t get too hot in here.


Does that policewoman have on a bullet-proof vest?


There are two vets where we might board our cats when we go on vacation.


We need to weld these two pieces of metal together.


That boxer has a huge welt over his left eye.


Dad went to the store to buy more charcoal for the grill.


The sun sets in the west.


Dad wets his hair down before he goes to work.


I’ll probably yelp when the nurse gives me that shot.


Let’s add some lemon zest to the pound cake.


This is the best tall tale that I read as a child.


That book has ghosts in it!


Both of you must be tired.


Our van held up with all those bumps on the dirt road.


That’s a pretty bow in your hair.


I will rest on the couch for a bit.


I got mad when Tim broke my best toy.


My clothes got all wet in the rain storm.


That’s a huge flock of birds!


It’s cool out there, so wear a light wrap.


I’m tired because I did not sleep well last night.


The morning sun is bright.


Do you ever want to go in a cave full of bats?


I knew that you’d ace that test!


It takes an hour to drive there.









Lesson 60 – Dolch-Builder

NEW  WORDS :  letter  men  money  morning  mother  myself  nest  open  own  paper  party  picture  pretty  pull  read  robin  seed  sister  squirrel  street  today  together  under  upon  use  wash  water  wood  write

He  has  many  of  them .

I  know  two  men  who  sing .

Milk  the  cow .

I  don’t  have  any  money .

Good  morning !

My  mother  is  nice .

You  must  try  this !

I  bought  myself  new  shoes .

The  bird  is  in  its  nest .

I’ve  never  tried  that .

You  can  have  only  one .

Open  the  door !

I’m  glad  that’s  over !

I  can  do  that  on  my  own .

Hand  me  some  paper .

Can  I  go  to  the  party ?

Draw  a  picture  for  me .


They  have  a  pretty  house .

Pull  hard !

She  has  a  pet  rabbit .

I  can  read  well !

I  heard  the  robin  sing !

It’s  time  for  school !

Throw  some  bird  seed  on  the  ground.

Show  me  how  to  do  it .

That’s  my  sister ,  Jill .

Go  to  sleep ,  now .

Snow  is  on  the  roof .

That  squirrel  fell  from  a  tree .

They  live  down  the  street .

Clean  off  the  table .

Thank  you  so  much !

These  should  work .

Those  are  not  mine .


Today  will  be  a  great  day !

They  like  to  play  together .

That’s  a  cool  toy !

Is  it  under  the  table ?

I’ll  take  it  upon  myself  to  do  that .

Can  they  come  to  see  us ?

Can  I  use  this  for  a  while ?

That’s  very  hard  to  do !

I  want  more !

Wash  these  for  me .

Can  I  have  a  drink  of  water ?

Were  you  there  on  time ?

Is  the  window  shut ?

This  toy  is  made  of  wood .

Would  you  do  that  for  me ?

I  should  write  a  letter  to  her .

Dad  bought  a  yellow  car .

Yes ,  I  can  do  that .




Lesson 61 – Beatrix Potter

Jay Frog: Part One

NEW  WORDS :  Jones  Smith  bowl  clothes  damp  deep  dish  eats  flowers  greens  hearing  jay  leaves  liked  lunch  minnows  plant  pole  pond  pushed  reed  rowed  scold  slip  splish  splosh  weighed  were  yeah

It  was  once  upon  a  time .  There  was  a  frog ,  Mr.  Jay  Frog .  That  was  his  name .  He  lived  in  a  small  house  that  was  very  damp !  It  sat  by  a  pond .  It  had  lots  of  flowers .
The  house  was  really  wet .  You  could  slip  and  fall ,  because  the  floor  was  a  mess .  But  Jay  liked  his  feet  wet .  It  was  fine  with  him .  After  all ,  it  was  HIS  house .  No  one  could  scold  him .  And  he  did  not  ever  catch  cold.
He  liked  to  look  out  the  door .  He  loved  rain .  He  liked  hearing  the  rain  drops  on  the  pond .  Splash ,  splash !  Splishsplosh ,  splash !


Jay  said ,  “I’ll  get  some  worms .  Then  I’ll  fish ,  and  I’ll  catch  minnows.  That  will  be  my  lunch ,  a  big  dish  of  them .  I  want  to  catch  lots  of  them .  Then  I  can  have  my  friends  come  over .  His  friends  were  Mr.  Smith  and  Mr.  Jones .  Oh ,  yeah ,  Mr.  Smith  just  eats  greens .  So ,  no  fish  for  him !”
Jay  put  on  his  go – fish – clothes .  Then  he  got  his  fish – pole  and  a  big  bowl .  Then  he  hopped !  Hop ,  skip ,  jump !  Jump ,  skip ,  hop !  He  went  on  to  his  boat .
The  boat  was  round ,  and  it  was  green .  It  looked  like  leaves .  It  was  tied  to  a  plant  that  was  in  the  pond .
Jay  took  a  reed  pole .  With  it ,  he  pushed  the  boat  out .  It  was  hard  to  do  this ,  since  the  boat  weighed  a  lot.  Now  the  water  was  deep .  He  could  row ,  now .  “Good ,”  said  Jay .  “I  know  just  where  to  go .”  He  rowed.  He  rowed  hard .  He  had  a  good  place  to  fish .  He  knew  that  there  would  be  minnows  there .  He  rowed  to  this  place  that  he  liked .


Lesson 62 – Beatrix Potter
Jay Frog: Part Two  

NEW  WORDS :  Jay’s  ahh  bait  bobbed  bored  bug  bugs  crossed  dropped  flies  frogs  gnats  grabbed  hour  into  moved  plants  rod  sandwich  shoved  something  stalk  stared  tough  yank  yum

Jay  got  to  his  good  place .  He  stuck  his  pole  in  the  mud .  He  then  tied  the  boat  to  it .  Then  he  sat .  “Aah !”  he  said .  “Time  to  fish !  Bite ,  fish !  Bite ,  fish !  Come  bite !  I  want  to  catch  you !”
He  crossed  his  legs .  Then  he  got  his  red  float .  He  grabbed  the  rod .  It  was  a  tough  stalk  of  grass .  The  fish  line  was  made  of  horse  hair .  It  was  fine ,  long ,  white  horse  hair .  He  tied  a  worm  to  the  end .
Rain  fell  down  his  back .  He  sat  for  an  hour .  He  stared  at  the float .  No  bites !  None  at  all .  Not  yet .  He  was  bored .  So ,  he  said ,  “Time  for  lunch.”
He  moved  the  boat .  Now ,  more  plants  were  near  him .  He  got  out  his  lunch .  He  had  a  bug  sandwich .  Bread ,  gnatsantsflies .  “Yum !”  he  yelled .  “I’ll  sit  and  eat  for  a  while .  The  rain  might  stop .”


Then ,  a  big  pond  bug  came  by .  It  touched  Jay’s  toe .  Jay  looked  down .  “Hmm .  What’s  that ?  Oh !  Just  a  pond  bug .  It  BUGS  me !”  He  laughed  at  his  joke .  He  moved  his  legs .  The  bug  could  not  touch  him .
He  heard  something  move .  It  was  in  the  plants .  There  was  a  noise .  Then  there  was  a  big  splash .  Jay  said ,  “What  if  it’s  a  rat ?  Not  good  for  me.  I  should  move !”  You  see ,  rats  like  to  eat  frogs !
So ,  Jay  shoved  the  boat  out .  He  felt  safe  again .  He  dropped  his  bait  into  the  pond .  “BITE !”  The  float  bobbedYank ,  yank !  Up ,  down ,  up,  down !  It  moved  a  lot .


Lesson 63 – Beatrix Potter
Jay Frog: Part Three  

NEW  WORDS :  arms  bank  bounced  cork  dove  edge  food  huge  jerked  jumped  minnow  peered  pricked  pulled  pulling  seized  smooth  snapped  sore  spines  spit  swam  taste  thought  trout  yuck

Jay  yelled , “A  minnow !  I  have  him  by  the  nose .”  He  jerked  his  rod.  He  pulled  the  thing  in  to  the  boat .
But  no !  It  was  not  what  he  thought!  Not  a  smooth ,  fat  fish .  Something  else .  It  was  a  fish  with  spines !  Its  name  was  Jack  Sharp .  “Yuck ,”  said  Jay .  “Not  good  food !”
Jack  was  in  the  boat .  He  bounced  ’round  and  ’round .  He  pricked .  He  snapped .  He  was  out  of  breath ,  but  he  jumped  out .  Now  he  was  in  the  pond .
Lots  of  fish  in  the  pond  saw  this .  They  laughed !  They  laughed  at  Jay .  He  sat  in  his  boat .  He  was  sad ,  and  he  was  mad .  His  arms  were  sore .  He  asked ,  “Where  are  some  fish  to  catch ?  Darn  it !”


But  then  it  got  worse !  He  peered  into  the  pond .  WHOA !  A  trout !  A  HUGE  trout !  It  jumped  out  of  the  pond .  SPLASH ,  SNAP !  It  seized  Jay!  “Ow !  Ow !  Ow !”
It  dove  down ,  DEEP ,  pulling  Jay  with  it !  But  Jay  had  on  a  coat .  The  coat  did  not  taste  good  to  the  trout .  So ,  he  spit  Jay  out .  That  was  good  luck !  But  there  was  some  bad  luck .  It  ate  Jay’s  shoes !  So  far ,  not  a  good  day  for  Jay !
So ,  Jay  bounced  up  to  the  top  of  the  pond .  He  was  like  a  cork .  Up  and  down ,  ’round  and  ’round .  Jay  swam  back  to  the  bank .  He  got  to  the  edge  of  the  pond .




From Bill

“Yes ,   my   sweet ,
So   I   will ,
For   I   love ,
To   please   you   still .”
Bill !   Bill !”



Would   You ,   Too ?
If   I   could   go   as   high   and   low ,
As   the   wind ,   as   the   wind ,
As   the   wind   can   blow .
I’d   go !

From Miss Madge

Look !   A   pussy   cat. “Miss   Madge.”


She   sits   by   the   fire .   She   slumps .   Her   head   hangs   low .


Mouse   thinks   she’s   sick .   “Hmm,”   he   thinks .


“You   don’t   know   when   I’ll   show   up !   MEOW !   MEOW !   HISS !   HISS!”

From Wish

If   I   could   wish ,
I’d   be   a   fish ,
For   just   a   day   or   two .

From Stuck

I  saw  a  well – loved  film  star ,
Who  had  a  well – known  scar.

From Dolch-Builder


It’s  time  to  pick  the  corn .

From Inf/Deriv Builder

Pigs  are  pink .



Activity 11) CCVC words: Short-E repeated exposure:   


That cut was so bad that it bled for 20 minutes before it stopped.


I just saw Bret in the cereal aisle of the store.


Here, let me show you how to draw a treble clef.


The Senator’s many years in Congress give him lots of cred as he runs for reelection.


Dred Scott was a slave who tried, but failed, to gain his freedom in 1857, a famous legal case in U.S. history.


Whew, I just fled from a giant bumblebee!


Oh boy, Fred got in big trouble with the teacher today.


Now don’t fret about this; I’m sure that everything will work out fine.


Mom and Dad named my new baby brother Greg.


I’m going to go up to my room and prep for tomorrow’s test for the next hour or so.


I ran my sled into that tree.


There are a number of things in this very old house that are not up to current building spec requirements.


Dad sped home too fast and got a speeding ticket.


Take one more step to the left so that you get into the class picture.



Dad told me to say “hi” to you.


Please fetch my red coat for me.


I learned how to swim last year.


That’s a steep hill to have to climb.


This tale is called “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”


I’ll be close by if you need help.


Look at that huge barge on the river.


Our dog will gnaw on that bone for a long time.


If all goes well, we should win this game.


I think that I’ve caught a head cold.


I’ll watch that show since you like it so much.


I’ve started to learn to speak French.


I fell on some rocks and got a bad cut.


Hit the ball hard with your golf club.


I’m full from that big meal.









Lesson 64 – Beatrix Potter
Jay Frog: Part Four  

NEW  WORDS :  brought  dead  moaned  pike  pike’s  ripped  sauce  serve  sounds  tales  tired  told  whined

He  was  tired  and  scared .  He  gave  up .  “No  fish  for  me !”  he  whined .  “Bad  luck !”  he  moaned .  He  hopped  home .  He  was  slow .  His  coat  was  all  ripped  up .
But  guess  what ?  He  might  have  been  dead !  So ,  he  said ,  “I’m  glad  that  was  a  trout ,  and  NOT  a  pike – fish !  I  would  have  been  a  pike’s  lunch !”
He  had  lost  his  things .  No  more  bowl .  No  more  fish – pole .  And  he  said ,  “I  may  not  fish  ever  again !  I  was  too  scared !  And  it  was  too  much  work !”
So ,  Jay  was  glad  he  had  friends .  They  came  to  eat  with  him  that  night.  But ,  of  course ,  there  was  no  fish  to  serve .
Mr.  Jones  had  on  a  black  and  gold  shirt .  Mr.  Smith  brought  his  own  bag  of  greens .
Jay  had  a  nice  dish  for  Mr.  Jones .  It  was  a  bug  roast  with  a  sweet  sauce !  Frogs  love  this  kind  of  dish .  But  I  think  it  sounds  bad !!!
Jones ,  Smith ,  and  Jay  had  fun .  They  liked  their  food .  They  told  jokes.  They  told  tall  tales .  They  watched  a  ball  game  on  TV .  So ,  Jay  had  a  good  time  at  the  end  of  his  day !


Lesson 65 – Poems And Rhymes   

NEW  WORDS :  July  axe  cheese  fled  grieves  he’ll  ink  load  plum  silver  spoon  swarm  worth

A  swarm  of  bees  in  May ,
Is  worth  a  load  of  hay .
A  swarm  of  bees  in  June ,
Is  worth  a  silver  spoon .
A  swarm  of  bees  in  July ,
Is  not  worth  a  fly .


If  All  The  Seas  Were  One  Sea
If  all  the  seas ,
Were  one  sea ,
What  a  great  sea ,
That  would  be !
And  if  all  the  trees ,
Were  one  tree ,
What  a  great  tree ,
That  would  be !
And  if  each  big  axe ,
Were  one  axe ,
What  a  great  axe ,
That  would  be !
And  if  all  the  men ,
Were  one  man ,
What  a  great  man ,
He  would  be !
And  if  the  great  man ,
Took  the  great  axe ,
And  cut  down  the  great  tree ,
And  let  it  fall  in  to  the  great  sea ,
What  a  splish – splash ,
That  would  be !


If  all  the  world , were  nice ,  sweet  plum ,
And  all  the  sea  were  ink ,
And  all  the  trees  were  bread  and  cheese,
What  would  we  have  to  drink ?


Cold  Snow
The  small  blue  bird  grieves ,
When  the  snow  is  on  the  ground ,
For  the  trees ,
They  have  no  leaves ,
And  no  bird  seed  can  be  found .
The  air  is  cold ,
The  worms  have  fled ,
For  blue  bird  here ,
What  can  be  done ?
Let’s  all  throw  ’round ,
Some  crumbs  of  bread ,
And  then  he’ll  live ,
Till  snow ,  there’s  none .


Core Knowledge (R) Independent Reading 

(Review guidelines for publishing Core Knowledge (R) materials at the bottom of this page-view.)

Zack And Ann

Lesson 66 – Part One

NEW  WORDS :  Chang  Gwen’s  Zack  Zack’s  bits  blocks  cab  crab  dress  kicks  kids  lifts  missing  rips  sand  shop  snaps  sped  spots  thump  trash  word

The  Bad  Crab
This  is  Zack  Chang .
Zack  is  six .
This  is  Ann  Chang .
Ann  is  ten .
Zack  and  Ann  sit  in  the  sun .
Mom  and  Dad  sit  with  them .
Zack  spots  a  crab  on  the  sand .
The  crab  runs  up .
Then  it  snaps  at  Zack’s  leg .
Zack  jumps  up  on  the  bench .
The  bad  crab  snaps  at  Dad .
Dad  lifts  up  his  legs .
The  bad  crab  snaps  at  Mom .
Mom  kicks  sand  at  the  crab .
The  bad  crab  runs  off .
Ann  jumps  up  and  yells  at  the  kids  on  the  next  bench , “Bad  crab  on  the  sand !  Pass  the  word !”
The  kids  on  the  next  bench  spot  the  crab  and  jump  up .
The  bad  crab  snaps  at  them .
Then  it  runs  past  them .
When  it  is  past  them ,  the  kids  yell ,  “Bad  crab  on  the  sand !  Pass  the  word !”


Ann’s  Dress
Ann  went  to  Gwen’s  Dress  Shop .
The  shop  had  a  red  dress .
Ann  got  the  dress .
Ann  got  in  a  cab  with  the  dress .
The  cab  man  sped  off .
His  cab  went  fast .
Then  the  cab  hit  a  big  bump .  Thump!
Ann’s  dress  fell  from  the  cab .
Ann  had  the  cab  man  stop  the  cab .
Then  Ann  ran  back  to  get  the  dress .
Ann  had  to  run  ten  blocks .
Ann’s  dress  was  in  a  trash  can .
A bus had hit it .
A dog bit it .
The dress had mud on it .
The dress had rips and missing bits .
Ann’s dress was a mess !


Core Knowledge (R) Independent Reading 

(Review guidelines for publishing Core Knowledge (R) materials at the bottom of this page-view.)

Zack And Ann

Lesson 67 – Part Two

NEW  WORDS :  Dan’s  Ed  Nell  Quinn  adds  asks  bangs  block  bucks  cash  costs  crack  deck  dents  drills  dust  fix  mask  mast  nods  rubs  rust  sands  scrubs  shrugs  smack  tells  tip
Zack  Gets  a  Pet
“Can  I  get  a  cat ?”  Zack  asks .
Dad  tells  Zack ,  “No  cats !  Cats  run  up  trees  and  can’t  get  back .”
“Can  I  get  a  rat ?”  Zack  asks .
Mom  adds ,  “No ,  no !  No  rats .  Rats  smell  bad .”
“Can  I  get  a  bug ?”  Zack  asks .
Ann  tells  Zack ,  “No ,  no !  A  bug  is  not  a  pet !”
“Can  I  get  a  fish ?”  Zack  asks .
“A  fish ?”  his  mom  asks .
“A  fish  is  not  so  bad .  Can  a  fish  be  a  fun  pet ?”
Dad  nods  and  Ann  shrugs .
“Can  I  get  one ,  then ?”  Zack  asks .
Mom  nods .
“Yes !”  yells  Zack .
Zack  runs  to  the  pet  shop .
“Can  I  get  that  fish ?”  Zack  asks .
“This  one ?”  the  pet  shop  man  asks .
Zack  nods .
“This  one  costs  six  bucks .”
Zack  hands  the  man  the  cash .
Then  Zack  runs  to  Mom  and  Dad  with  his  pet  fish .


On  the  Mat
Zack  and  Ann  had  fun  on  a  mat .
Zack  got  on  the  mat .
Then  Ann  got  on  next  to  Zack .
Then  Quinn  got  on  next  to  Ann .
Nell  got  up  on  top  of  Zack  and  Ann .
Rod  got  up  on  top  of  Ann  and  Quinn.
Then  Ed  got  up  on  the  tip  top .
It  was  so  much  fun !
Then ,  buzz ,  buzz !
What  was  that ?
It  was  a  bug .
The  bug  was  on  Zack’s  chin .
Zack  went  to  smack  the  bug .
Flop !
Zack  fell  flat  on  the  mat .
Nell  fell  on  top  of  Zack .
Then  all  the  rest  of  the  kids  fell .
It  was  a  big  mess .


Fix That Ship
Zack’s dad , Dan , has a ship .
It’s fun to fish on the ship .
But Dan can’t fish on the ship yet .
Dan must fix up his ship .
The ship has a big crack in its mast .
It has dents , which Dan must fix .
It has rust, which Dan must sand .
Dan gets the ship up on the land .
Then Dan gets a mask .
The mask will help block the dust .
Dan sands the deck .
Dan rubs and scrubs .
Dan drills and bangs .
At last , Dan’s ship is all set .





From Jay Frog

Jay  said ,  “I’ll  get  some  worms .  Then  I’ll  fish ,  and  I’ll  catch  minnows.  That  will  be  my  lunch ,  a  big  dish  of  them .”

From Cold Snow

What  can  be  done ?
Let’s  all  throw  ’round ,
Some  crumbs  of  bread ,
And  then  he’ll  live ,
Till  snow ,  there’s  none .

From Zack And Ann

The dress had mud on it .
The dress had rips and missing bits .
Ann’s dress was a mess !


Zack fell flat on the mat .
Nell fell on top of Zack .
Then all the rest of the kids fell .

From Pins

See a pin and pick it up, all the day, you’ll have good luck.

From Pat-A-Cake

And put it in to bake, for Tom, Jill, and me.

From Clouds

White sheep on a blue hill, when the wind stops, you all stand still. When the wind DOES blow, you walk some where.

From Run A Bit

Run a bit, this way, run a bit, that! White silk string, for a black silk cat.




Activity 12) CVCC words: Short-I repeated exposure:


I’m afraid that creepy sales guy is going to try to bilk you out of your hard-earned money.


The dog tore my homework up into little bits.


It’s funny when Fido dips his paw into the bathtub water.


The doctor says that I have a herniated disc in my back, and I need to go to a physical therapist.


Do you remember the old-time computers where we had to use a floppy disk?


I hope that they find that fink guilty of the crime.


Dad banged his fist on the table when the quarterback threw an interception.


I love the way this dress looks, so I hope that it fits me.


Let’s get a nice Christmas gift for your teacher.


Can’t you give me a hint about my birthday presents.


My hips ache after that long hike.


Mary got two hits in the softball game.


I hope that his new girlfriend doesn’t jilt him like his last one did!


I hope that I didn’t jinx myself by saying that I think I’m well prepared for the test.


Kip’s kitten is a Siamese cat.


Kit’s going to bring toll house cookies for us to snack on tomorrow.


Which of these model airplane kits do you like the most?


Can you help me lift this heavy chair?


We heard the lilt of a beautiful singer from the open apartment window.


I hurt my ankle, so I’m walking with a limp.


The detective was searching for a link between the two crimes.


I’ve always wondered why people get lint in their belly buttons.


Ouch, my lips are really chapped.


Where did I put the grocery list?


Remember, don’t cry over spilt milk.


I certainly hope that her mink coat is made of fake fur.


Yum, you bought mint ice cream with chocolate chips.


The heavy mist was finally burned away by the sun.


Watch how the puppy nips at its own tail.


This photographer’s pics are astonishing.


I think that bird is a thrush.


I can’t see far in this thick fog.


I’d like a large piece of cake.


They named their cat “Fluff.”


My cat will jump on your lap.


I threw up, but now I feel fine.


That house is on fire!


I tried to call you last night.


I’m free to meet at that time.


That is so kind of you to help me.


We ate like pigs at lunch.


There’s a house for sale down the street.


I love to watch a rabbit hop back and forth.


Do you see that hare by that rock?


I’ve lost my comb.








Core Knowledge (R) Independent Reading 

(Review guidelines for publishing Core Knowledge (R) materials at the bottom of this page-view.)

Zack And Ann


Lesson 68 – Part Three 

NEW  WORDS :  drip  gift  hum  lid  munch  net  quick  quips  ruff  slick  slid  slug  swings  swish  tent  truck

The  Tent
Once,  Zack’s  dad  got  the  kids  a  tent.
Zack  and  Ann  set  up  the  tent .
Then  the  kids  sang  a  song :
“This  big  tent ,  it  is  the  best ,  is  the  best ,  is  the  best !  This  big  tent ,  it  is  the  best .  Yes ,  it’s  the  best !”
The  kids  had  fun  in  the  tent .
But  then  a  big  wind  hit  the  tent .
Flop !
The  tent  fell  on  Zack  and  Ann .
Then  Zack  felt  a  drip .
Drip ,  drop ,  drip ,  drop .
Splish ,  splash ,  splish ,  splash .
Zack  and  Ann  got  wet .
The  kids  set  the  tent  back  up .
Red  ants  got  in  and  bit  Zack .
A  slug  got  on  Ann .
Once  the  ants  and  slug  got  in ,  that  was  it .
Zack  and  Ann  ran  from  the  tent .


A  Gift  from  Mom
Once ,  Mom  got  the  kids  a  gift .
The  gift  was  in  a  big  black  box .
Mom  set  the  box  on  the  rug .
“Is  it  a  truck ?”  Zack  said .
“No ,”  Mom  said .  “It’s  not  a  truck .”
“I  bet  it’s  a  hat ,”  Ann  said .
“No ,”  Mom  said .  “It’s  not  a  hat .”
Then  the  box  said ,  “Ruff ,  ruff !”
Zack  slid  the  lid  off  the  box .
A  dog  sat  up .
“It’s  a  dog !”  said  Ann .
“Yes !”  said  Zack .  “Mom’s  the  best !”


Bug and Frog
Zack and Ann sit next to the pond .
Zack says , “The pond is a lot of fun! I wish I were a bug .”
“Why ?” says Ann . “Bugs are no fun .”
“Bugs zip and hum ,” says Zack .
“Frogs hop and splash and munch on bugs ,”  says Ann .
“I will not wish I was a bug ,” Zack quips .
Zack and Ann had fun at the pond .
They will tell Mom and Dad .


Swing That Net
Zack is at the pond .
There are lots of frogs in the pond .
Zack runs in to get one .
But the frogs are so quick !
The frogs are so slick !
When Zack runs in , the frogs hop off .
Zack gets a net and runs in .
The frogs all jump .
Zack swings his net and yells , “Get in here , frogs !”
Swish !
Zack gets a frog in his net !
Zack yells and swings the net .
Swish , swish , swish !
Swish , swish , swish !
Zack gets lots of frogs .
There are six big ones in his net !


Core Knowledge (R) Independent Reading 

(Review guidelines for publishing Core Knowledge (R) materials at the bottom of this page-view.)

Zack And Ann


Lesson 69 – Part Four 

NEW  WORDS :  Spot’s  band  bath  bathtub  bun  casts  club  ding  flips  golf  grill  grips  pals  pans  pots  sets  shelf  snacks  thwack  tub

Spot’s  Bath
Spot  is  in  his  bathtub .
Spot  and  his  dog  pals  went  in  a  mud  pit .
The  kids  must  get  the  mud  off .
Spot  is  one  sad  dog .
His  dog  pals  are  still  in  the  mud  pit .
But  Spot  is  stuck  in  the  tub .
Zack  grips  Spot  with  his  hands .
Then  his  hands  slip .
Spot  runs  off .
The  kids  run  to  the  mud  pit .
There’s  Spot ,  back  in  the  mud  with  the  rest  of  his  dog  pals .
“Spot !”  Zack  yells .  “Bad  dog !”
“Spot !” Ann  yells . “Get  back  in  that  tub !”


The Pots and Pans Band
Zack and Ann are in a band .
It’s a pots and pans band .
Zack and Quinn bang on pots .
Ann and Nell bang on pans .
Bang , bang ! Ding , ding !
Mom wants to sing songs .
“Stop !”  Mom says .
Mom asks the band to sing , not bang .
Mom sets up snacks and says , “Snacks !”
The kids drop the pots and pans and run to get the snacks .
Mom grabs the pots and pans and sets them on a shelf .
And that is the end of the pots and pans band !


When It’s Hot
When it’s hot , it’s fun to golf .
Zack’s dad swings his golf club . Thwack !
Zack runs up the hill .
“Where did it land ?”  his dad asks .
“It’s up here !” Zack yells back .
When it’s hot , it’s fun to fish .
Zack sits on a rock and casts .
His dad sits next to him .
“Where are all the fish ?” Zack asks .
“I can’t tell ,”  says his dad , “but it’s fun just to sit in the sun .”
When it’s hot , it’s fun to grill .
Zack’s dad gets the hot dogs .
Zack gets the buns .
Zack’s dad flips the hot dogs .
Zack sets a hot dog on a bun .
Yum , yum !


Core Knowledge (R) Independent Reading 

(Review guidelines for publishing Core Knowledge (R) materials at the bottom of this page-view.)


Zack And Ann


Lesson 70 – Part Five

NEW  WORDS :  brush  dent  gas  gash  hug  kiss  pad  rush  scrub  shrubs  step  steps  sting  stings  tasks  tenth  trim  trims  ug  zips

Ann’s Hat Box
Ann sets a box of hats on the bed . “Which hat is the best ?” Ann asks . “Is this black top hat the best ?”
“No !” Zack says . “That one has a big dent !”
“Is this one the best ?” asks Ann .
“No ,” says Zack . “That’s a nap cap !”
“Is this one the best ?” asks Ann .
“No ,” says Zack .
“This one ?” Ann asks .
“Yuck !”  says Zack .
Ann picks lots of hats . Zack says no to all of them . Then Ann picks a red hat .
“Is this one the best ?” Ann asks .
“Yes !”  Zack says . “That red hat is the best !”


Dan the Cab Man
Zack’s dad , Dan , has a cab . A man jumps in the cab . “Where to ?” Dan asks.
Tenth and Hill ,” says the man . “And step on it !” the man adds . “I’m in a big rush !”
Dan nods and steps on the gas . Dan zips past a van . Dan zips past a bus . In a flash, the cab is there . “This is the spot !” says Dan . The man grabs a bunch of cash and hands it to Dan .


Help from Pals
Ann has a lot of tasks . “Cut the grass !” says Dad .
Scrub the pots !” says Mom .
Trim the shrubs ,” says Dad .
Brush the dog !” says Mom .
Ug !” says Ann . What a lot of tasks ! Ann asks Zack to help with the tasks . Zack runs and gets Rod and Ed . Ann cuts the grass . Zack and Ed scrub the pots . Ann trims the shrubs . Rod scrubs the  dog . Then there are no tasks left !


Ann’s Cut
Ann has a cut on one leg . It’s not just a cut . It’s a red gash . “Mom !” Ann yells . “Dad !” Mom and Dad run up . Mom gets a pad to scrub the cut . “No !” yells Ann . “That will sting !”
“It will sting ,” says Dad , “but it will help.”
Mom rubs the cut with the pad . “It    stings !  It stings !” yells Ann .
“There !” Mom says . “All set !” Ann gets a kiss from Dad , and a big hug from Mom .




Lesson 71 – Space Hawk

Pam At Dinner
NEW WORDS: agreed , beautiful , calmed, chewed , colors , counted , deal , dots , faster , fifty , forehead , freaked , gasped , gulped, helped , hundred , mixed , nodded , odd , others , plump , polka , same , shots , size , taught , times , upside , used , waddled , yep

I told Pam more . I’d seen it all . WEIRD Aliens . “Pam . The next world . X919 . Not tall here . Short .”
Pam asked , “How short ?”
I said , “Did not get to three feet tall . Think this .  Pigs with two legs .”
Pam grinned . “Sounds odd !”
Yep !” I said . “They waddled . They were plump . Slow . But smart ! They helped us . We learned much .”
“Like what ?” Pam asked .
“A bunch . Like how to speed up SPACE HAWK . Three times light speed had been our max . They taught us . Now we’re faster . Four times light speed ! That’s a huge deal !”
Pam agreed . “Worth your trip !”
I said , “Oh . Yeah ! Our best trip !”
We chewed our food . Pam asked , “Who next ?”


“World Z731 . Our size . Two arms . Two legs . But their nose was in their forehead . Their mouth was under their nose . And their eyes were in their chin . Think this . Upside – down face !”
Pam gulped . “I’d have freaked !”
I calmed her . “No . You get used to it . Fast . And it’s fun . It’s all good !”
Pam thought. “More to tell?”
I said, “Yep. Just one. World B666. Much like us. But their skin! No one was the same. Polka dots!”
Pam sat up. “They had polka dots?”
I nodded. “Yes! We took snap shots. We counted four hundred colors. All mixed up. Some had a few colors. Others, fifty colors of polka dots. They were beautiful! But all life is! In its own way.”
Pam gasped. “This will be cool!”
I said, “You bet! No way to know who we’ll meet! And so far, so good. All are good friends of Earth! Knock on wood. We hope this keeps up!”






From Just Three     

There’s  no  one  else, to  laugh  or  pout, to  dance  and  sing, or  give  a  shout.

From Crow And Horse

There was a horse,
Went to the mill,
When he went on,
He stood not still.

From Old Pig    

There was an old pig, she lived in a sty, and three small pigs had she.

From A Drink

And “splash” it goes, and hits me square, right on my nose.

From The House Cat

The house cat sits and smiles and sings.

From Kit    

Kit’s Hats
Kit has hats. Kit has big hats. Kit has flat hats. Kit has fun hats.


Fred gets milk on his desk. Fred gets milk on his pants. Fred gets milk on Kit.


Kit set Vic on Pip’s lap. Pip felt glad.

From Zack And Ann

Once, Mom got the kids a gift. The gift was in a big black box.


When it’s hot, it’s fun to fish. Zack sits on a rock and casts. His dad sits next to him. “Where are all the fish?” Zack asks.



Activity 12) CVCC words: Short-I repeated exposure … continued:        


I love your new hot pink tennis shoes.


Pip’s lemonade stand raked in the money on this very hot day.


Be careful chewing, because these olives have pits in them.


We had fun skating at the ice rink today.


Johnny, how did you get these rips in your shirt?


The General thinks that the Major’s plan is fraught with too much risk.


Bob sics his dog on any bully who’s bothering a kid at the park.


Mom, should I sift the flour before I start making the dough?


Uh-oh, this stain will never come out of Dad’s favorite silk tie.


When great rivers like the Nile flood, the silt that’s left behind is nutritious for the soil.


Mom, I think you’d better let this pot soak for a time in the sink.


The toddler makes a funny noise when she sips her juice.


I love it when the kitty sits in my lap.


My dog has these funny little tics when he’s dreaming.


The photographer asked me to tilt my head in different poses.


That’s an odd-colored tint that you’ve got on your sunglasses.


Tip’s book report was really interesting.

Let me give you a few tips that will let you hit the ball further.


Vic’s car is in the shop for repairs.


That flower will wilt if you don’t water it.


My nephew Wilt is moving to New York.


I’m exercising hard so that no one thinks I’m a wimp.


The wind is blowing hard.


My dad gave me a wink and a thumbs-up when I ran to first base.


The cats were playing aggressively, and I saw a wisp of hair come out of one of them.


Wow, you scared me out of my wits!


Zinc is used in making galvanized iron, brass, and other alloys.


My grandad has arthritis, and he zips up his jacket slowly.


Teenagers should know that foods with sugar, carbs, and grease can make you more prone to get zits.  


I’ll fix you two fried eggs.


I was stung by a bee.


I need to buy a new car next year.


I feel a bug down my shirt!


I felt like a ghost was in my room!


Whose brown cat is that?


I’ll hit a fly ball, and you try to catch it.


I shall do just what you tell me to do.


That young boy is so nice!


Let’s fill the first-aid kit with Band-Aids.


I have not seen them in years.


The cat jumped on top of the dog.


I’ve gone through this box and threw out some junk.


Let’s meet for lunch in a day or two.


I have not had a soft drink in days.









Lesson 72 – Poems And Rhymes

NEW WORDS: balls , beep , bells , blest , bounce , brook , cars , clang , clocks , cone , creak , deer , floors , fright , geese, grows , grump , home’s , honk , hoot , horns , howl , huff , ice , kings , leaped , log , phones , played , rich , scree , sigh , slam , snakes , snore , speak , spoons , squash , toot , tread , trucks , winds , woods

One Squash , Two Squash
One squash ,
Two squash ,
Three squash ,
Four .
Five squash ,
Six squash ,
Seven squash ,
More .


Nice Thought
The world is so full ,
Of a whole lot of things .
I’m sure we should all feel ,
As blest as kings .

Poem by Robert Louis Stevenson 

The Best Old Place
The fish lives in the brook .
The bird lives in the tree .
But home’s the best old place ,
For a wee, wee child like me .


Deer Don’t Huff
Deer don’t huff ,
Or hoot, or howl .
They do not grump .
They do not growl .
They do not roar .
They don’t speak ill .
They eat green leaves ,
And just keep still .

Poem by Karla Kushkin 


There Is A Rich Girl , Whose Nose
There is a rich girl , whose nose ,
Likes to get big , and grows .
When it grows out of sight ,
She’ll yell in a fright ,
“Oh ! Good – bye to the end of my nose!”

Poem by Edward Lear 

Ears Hear
Flies buzz .
Cars roar .
Snakes hiss .
Folks snore .
Dogs bark .
Birds cheep .
Geese honk .
Beep ! Beep !
Winds sigh .
Shoes squeak .
Trucks honk .
Floors creak .
Horns toot .
Bells clang .
Doors slam .
Bang ! Bang !
Kids shout .
Clocks ding .
Kids cry .
Phones ring .
Balls bounce .
Spoons drop .
Folks scream .
Stop ! Stop !

Poem by Lucia and James L. Hymes, Jr.

White Mice
White mice are the best things,
That one of us could own.
I like them so much more,
Than some dogs that I have known.
Their fur is soft,
Their smiles are nice.
They’re small when they are grown.
And they sit still in your lap,
When you eat an ice cream cone.


The Frog On A Log
There once was a green old
Frog, frog, frog,
Who played in the woods
On a log, log, log.
An owl way up in a
Tree, tree, tree,
Came for the frog with a
Scree, scree, scree.
When the frog heard the owl,
In a flash, flash, flash,
He leaped in the pond
With a splash, splash, splash.

Poem by Ilo Orleans

Half Way Down
Half way down the stairs,
Is a stair where I sit.
There’s just not a stair,
That’s quite like it.
I’m not the whole way down.
And I’m not right at the top.
So, this is the stair,
Where I most like to stop.
Half way up the stairs,
Is just not up.
Half way down the stairs,
Is just not down.
It’s not in the den.
It’s not in the town.
And all sorts of fun things,
Run ’round my head.
It just is not a place you know,
It’s some where else I tread!

Poem by A. A. Milne

Lesson 73 – Poems And Rhymes

NEW WORDS: beans , broth , claps , fight, gnarled , meat , oats , pears , peas, plums , pot , reach , sows , stamps , stands , stove , thick , tis , view

The Blue Cow
I have not seen a blue cow ,
I do not want to see one .
But I can tell you right now ,
‘Tis best to see , but not be one .

Poem by Gelett Burgess

Meat In The Soup
Meat in the soup ,
In a thick brown pot .
Put it on the stove ,
And serve it good and hot .


Oh Where, Oh Where , Has My Good Dog Gone?
Oh where , oh where ,
Has my good dog gone ?
Oh where , oh where can he be ?
With his ears cut short ,
And his tail cut long ,

Oh where , oh where can he be ?


Oats , Corn , Beans , And Green Peas Grow
Oats , corn , beans ,
And green peas grow .
Oats , corn , beans ,
And green peas grow .
Do you , or  I ,
Or some one know , how
Oats , corn , beans ,
And green peas grow ?
First , the farm hand
Sows his seeds .
Then he stands
And takes his ease ,
Stamps his feet ,
And claps his hand ,
And turns all ’round
To view the land .


The Old Mom Who Lived In A Shoe
You know the old Mom,
Who lived in a shoe.
She had lots of kids,
She knew not what to do.
She gave them some broth,
But no bits of bread.
She moved them all ’round,
And put them to bed.
I’m sure if she lived,
In a small, old shoe house,
That wee, wee old Mom,
Just must be a mouse!

Poem by Beatrix Potter 

The Pear Tree
I love our old pear tree,
Our old gnarled pear tree.
It does not bear plums,
And it does not bear pears.
So, it has lots of room
For the big, bad bears.
So up in the pear tree,
Where the pears are not,
The nice sweet pears
That the tree has not got,
Live a bunch of bears,
As fierce as can be.
They’re wild old bears,
But they’re scared of me.
‘Cause each time I shout
To the top of the tree,
“Bears, you’d best watch out,
Up the stairs soon I’ll be.”
You can hear them growl,
The way bears do,
“Come on up here.
We’re not scared of you.”
But they’re scared, all right,
‘Cause they do not stop,
To play or sing or fight.
For when I reach the top,
They’re way out of sight.
I would not hurt the
Big, old bears.
I like them more than
Plums or pears,
In our old pear tree
That does not grow plums,
Or does not grow pears.
But leaves lots of room,
For me and the bears.

Poem by E. Elizabeth Longwell

Lesson 74 – Pattern-Builder Poems

NEW WORDS: bat , brat , chased , combat , coward , drat , flat , gnat , hit , kitchen , nonfat , picked , poured , scat , soup , spat , splat , tale , threw , tomcat , vat , wussie

Kitchen Tale
My name is Pat,
I took off my hat,
I stood on the mat,
I poured soup in the vat,
Of course it was nonfat,
So, I put in some fat.
I sat to pat my cat,
Who then chased a rat,
And in flew a bat!
My brat of a cat,
Spat at the bat,
Then he went SCAT.
The coward!
“I thought you were a tomcat!
Not a wussie!”
He left ME to combat the bat!
The bat hit the wall,
SPLAT! He fell flat
I picked him up,
And threw him out.
Into my soup flew a gnat!


Lesson 75 – Beatrix Potter
Two Bad Mice: Part One

NEW WORDS: Liz , chairs , coal , crabs , doll’s , dolls , drapes , forks , glued ,  ham , joy , knives , locked , meals , part , plates , popped , sound , squeaked , steel, talks , thumb , tile , tin

It was once upon a time. There was a huge doll’s house. It was red brick. It had a white door. There were thick drapes. And a tile roof.
Two dolls lived there. Liz and Jane. Liz owned it. Kind of. Their food was free. Liz did not ask for her meals. And Jane was the cook. But she did not cook! The food was part of the doll’s house.
There were two red crabs. A ham. A fish. Lots of sweets. Pears. Plums. These were all on plates. They were glued to the plates. They could not come off.
One day, Liz and Jane were out on a drive. They were not in the doll’s house room. It was still. There was not a sound. Well, a small sound. Near the fire-place. It was in a hole. A mouse-hole in the wall.
Tom Thumb stuck his head out. Not Tom Thumb from the well-known tale. This was Tom Thumb, a mouse! Same name. But not a boy. He was a small mouse!


He popped his head back in. Then back out. And in a bit, his wife stuck her head out. She was named Pam. They stopped. They looked. This way. That way. To the left. To the right. They saw no one. “Let’s go!” said Pam.
She left their mouse-hole. She got on the rug. It was next to the coal box. Tom came out, too. They walked on the rug. They went to the doll’s house.
Tom pushed the front door. It was not locked. In they went! They went up the stairs. They came to a big room. That’s where the food was. They saw it all. They squeaked with joy! “Squeak! Squeak!” That’s how a mouse talks.
So much food! YUM! There were tin spoons. And steel knives and forks. And two doll’s chairs. Quite nice!





From Mice    

They don’t have much of a chin, at all.

From Wish    

If I could wish, I’d be a fish, for just a day or two. To flip and flash, and dart and dash, and not much else to do.

From Space Hawk

This is Max’s space ship. It’s big. It is called “SPACE HAWK.”


“Sure!” I said. “Let’s see. Weird ones! First, World F652. Just like us. But, ten feet tall. Thin. And red skin.”


“Four times light speed! That’s a huge deal!” Pam agreed. “Worth your trip!”

From Jay Frog       

Jay put on his go – fish – clothes. Then he got his fish – pole and a big bowl. Then he hopped! Hop, skip, jump! Jump, skip , hop!


It dove down, DEEP, pulling Jay with it! But Jay had on a coat. The coat did not taste good to the trout. So, he spit Jay out.

From Zack And Ann 

Then the box said, “Ruff, ruff!” Zack slid the lid off the box. A dog sat up. “It’s a dog!” said Ann.


Zack grips Spot with his hands. Then his hands slip.


“Scrub the pots!” says Mom.
Trim the shrubs,” says Dad.
“Brush the dog!” says Mom.


Activity 13) CCVC words: Short-I repeated exposure:


I hope that blip on the radar screen isn’t an enemy submarine.


My new friend is a Brit who grew up in the Liverpool area in England.


Mom, can we get some more Clif bars at the store, to have for snacks?


Close up the potato chip bag with this clip.


I hear the baby crying in his crib.


Cris got the lead part in the school play.


That constant drip in the kitchen sink is driving me crazy.


I’ll wear my flip – flops at the beach.


I love to watch a hummingbird flit about so quickly.


He gave me a big grin after I told my joke.


You have to grip a baseball bat firmly.


That basketball player has a lot of grit, and she practices like crazy.


I think I’ll ask Kris to go to the school dance with me.


Mom puts skim milk on her cereal.


The skin on my hand is rough from being so chapped.


Class, let’s skip chapter two and move on to chapter three.


Skip gave me a Rice Krispie treat from his lunch box.


For the school talent show, some friends and I are going to work up a comedy skit.


The umpire said I was “safe” when I slid into third base.


She used to be a little overweight, but now she’s slim.


We call that old cowboy “Slim.”


Don’t slip on that banana peel!


Make a slit in the piecrust so that air can escape and the fruit won’t bubble up.


I need to snip this tag off of my new shirt.


Mom’s in a snit because our bedrooms are so messy.


I cleaned my bathroom so that it’s all spic – and – span.


It’s not a good idea to spit into the wind!


Mom, can we go swim in the pool?


Here, let me trim the hair on the back of your  neck.


Did you have a fun trip?


I like to eat Trix cereal for breakfast.


This looks like a good twig to use for roasting a marshmallow.


Lots of times, my twin sister and I know what the other is thinking.


Look at how that twit is trying to gain the teacher’s favor.


When can I learn to tie my shoes?


Look at how far that frog can hop.


This milk has turned sour.


She yelled, “WATCH OUT!”


We’re too late; that shop is closed.


When I get home, my dog will wag his tail.


Don’t call me bad names.


I had lunch with some old friends.


I need to wash my hair.


Do you know that woman?


He can quack just like a duck.


Can I hunt for shells on the beach?


I think that she likes you!


They came from near and far.


She runs so fast!








Lesson 76 – Beatrix Potter
Two Bad Mice: Part Two

NEW WORDS: bam , bay , boiled , broke , burn , cans , carve , chalk , chives , chunks , cloves , dill , dried , fake , flour , fooled , ham’s , herbs , jerk , jobs , licked, mix , paw , plate , rage , rolled , sage , smash , smish , soot , starch , tea, tops , weed , words

Tom saw the ham first. It was bright pink. “Let’s start with that!” He got a knife. He tried to carve it. No luck! The knife broke! It hurt him. He licked his paw. “The ham’s not boiled. It’s too tough. Pam! You try it.”
Pam stood in a chair. She grabbed a knife. She tried. “Hard as a rock!” But then, BANG! There was a jerk. The ham broke off the plate! It fell to the floor. It rolled ’round and ’round.
“So much for ham,” whined Tom. “Let’s try the fish.” Pam tried each tin spoon. But no luck. The fish was glued to the plate.
The poor mice. They thought the food was real. But it was fake. Part of the doll’s house. It looked real. But it was not. Just good paint jobs!
Tom got mad, now. He grabbed the ham. He found a big spoon. He hit the ham! BANG! BAM! SMISH! SMASH! BOOM!
The ham broke in to lots of small chunks. It was made of chalk. It made a big mess.


Both mice went nuts! There was no end to their rage. They broke up the sweets. The crabs. The pear. The plum.
They were still fooled. They still thought the fish was real food. But it would not come off of the plate. There was a fire. But it was not real. Just like the food. It was a good paint job.
They tried to burn the fish off of the plate. But it would not burn, of course. Tom looked for soot. But there was no soot. There was no real fire there.
Then Pam found some cans. There were words on them. Rice. Flour. Salt. Herbs. Bay leaves. Chives. Sage. Oats. Cloves. Dill weed. Corn starch. Tea. Dried beans. Soup mix.
She took the tops off. There was not a thing in each can! She yelled! “Blast it! Where’s the food?”


Lesson 77 – Beatrix Potter
Two Bad Mice: Part Three

NEW WORDS: Jane’s, book, break, bunched, cage, case, cop, cursed, dressed, dumps, ends, eve, fists, fit, hearts, leaned, minds, need, odds, paid, puts, rushed, scene, screamed, sneaks, sweat, sweeps, tore, trap

Now the mice were out of their minds. Each one’s face was red. Sweat came down their heads. Their eyes popped out. Their paws were bunched like fists. They screamed. They yelled. They cursed. It was not a nice scene!
They said, “Let’s mess this place up!” They tried to break each thing that they could! Like Jane’s clothes. They threw them on the floor. They ripped them. They tore them.
Then they stole things. Things they could use in their mouse-hole. Forks. Spoons. Knives. Some of the clothes. They took a chair. A small bed. Some small odds and ends.
They tried to take a book case. Too big. It would not fit. They tried a bird cage. Same thing. Too big. It would not fit. They left those two things on the rug, by the coal box.
Then they heard a noise. It was Liz and Jane. They were back. Tom and Pam rushed to their mouse-hole.
Liz talked to Jane. Jane talked to Liz. They came to their doll’s house. They went in the front door. Then up the stairs. And, oh my! What a mess they saw. A HUGE mess. They stopped and stared. They did not make a sound. Jane leaned on the wall. Liz sat down.


They found the bird cage. They brought it back in. Then they got the book case. That was brought in, too. There were still some pots and pans.
Now, a REAL girl owned the doll’s house. She saw the mess, too. She cried and cried. “Mom, I need a new doll, dressed like a cop!”
Mom said to her, “I don’t think so. That won’t scare them off. It was mice who did this. I’ll set a mouse trap!”
So, that ends our tale of the two bad mice.
Well, not quite. There’s a wee bit more. You’ll like this!
The mice were not as bad as you think. Tom paid for each thing they broke! You see, he found coins. They were in the wall. They were worth a lot. He gave them to Liz and Jane. He brought them to the doll’s house on New Year’s Eve! That was nice of him!
And guess what? Pam helps them, too. Each day, she sneaks in. She has a broom. She sweeps the floors. She puts the dust in a dust pan. She dumps it in the fire-place.
There is not a doll’s house in the world that is as clean as this one! It’s nice to know that these mice have some good in their hearts!


Core Knowledge (R) Independent Reading 

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Lesson 78 – Seth

NEW WORDS: Meg, Meg’s, Sal, Sal’s, Seth’s, Tim, Tim’s, Wes, ax, bib, bumps, chip, chips, chop, clams, crunch, crush, finch, fresh, hash, held, lift, logs, quilt, quints, romp, shrimp, sled, slept, slush, squid, stomp, stumps, tots

This is Seth Smith. Seth is ten. Seth must get in bed at ten. Seth can jump on his bed, but not past ten. Seth can stomp and romp and stand on his hands, but not past ten. Seth’s dad gets mad if Seth is not in bed at ten.
Seth’s Mom
This is Pat. Pat is Seth’s mom. Pat can fix things. Pat can scrub, plan, and think. Pat can run fast. Pat can sing songs.
Seth’s Dad
This is Ted. Ted is Seth’s dad. Ted is strong. Ted can chop big logs with his ax. Ted can lift big stumps. Ted can crush tin cans with his hands.


Sal’s Fish Shop
Pat and Seth went in Sal’s Fish Shop. Sal had fresh fish. Sal had fresh shrimp. Sal had crabs. Sal had clams. Sal had squid. Pat got fish and shrimp.
Seth had lunch with his mom and dad. Pat had shrimp and chips. Ted had shrimp, fish, and chips. Seth had ham and chips. Munch, munch. Crunch, crunch. Yum, yum.
Seth’s Finch
That’s Seth’s pet finch, Chip. Chip can flap his wings. Chip can munch on ants and bugs. Chip can sing. Chip can land on Seth’s hand. That finch is fun!


Lost Finch
Seth’s pet finch, Chip, is lost. Seth can’t spot him. Pat can’t spot him. Ted can’t spot him. Chip is not on Seth’s bed. Chip is not on Seth’s desk. Then, at last, Pat spots Chip. Chip hid in Pat’s hat and slept.
Seth’s Sled
Seth’s sled went fast. Seth held on. Seth hit bumps, but did not stop. Seth hit slush, but did not stop. Then Seth’s sled hit mud. Splash! Seth got mud on his sled. Seth got mud on his pants. Seth got mud on his hat.
Meg’s Tots
This is Meg. Meg is Pat’s best pal. Pat has 1 lad — Seth. Meg has 5 tots — Tom, Tim, Max, Sam, and Wes. Meg has quints!
Pat and Ted help Meg. Pat sets Tim and Tom on Seth’s rug. Ted sets Sam on Seth’s quilt. Pat sets Max on Seth’s bed. Ted helps Wes stand up on Seth’s desk.
Hash and Milk
Pat and Ted had lunch with Meg’s tots. Max got hash on his chin. Wes got hash on his bib. Tim’s milk is on Tom. Then Tom got milk on Tim. Sam got milk on Pat and Ted.



Lesson 79 – SPACE HAWK

NEW WORDS: Charles, Chuck, Chuck’s, Chucky, Lisa, Nick, adventure, baseball, bones, buck, chickens, chuckles, feather, grew, growing, grr, knuckles, lend, muck, names, nanny, nurse, plays, pluck, pooh, rhymes, saying, shucks, stones, struck, suck, tuck, victim, yucky

Hi, YOU. Who am I? Time to tell you! Chuck. I’m Chuck. I’m a nurse. Been on SPACE HAWK six years.
My first name is Chuck. My last name is Charles. Why? Why did Mom and Dad do that? “Chuck Charles.” Come on! “Chuck” is a nick-name. For “Charles!”
Good grief. I did not like growing up. Not good. Kids made fun of me. “Chuck-Chuck!” They called me “Chuck-Chuck.”
They made rhymes. “Shucks! Chuck! You’re out of luck.” 
“Hey! Chuck the Duck. What’s up?”
“Lucky Chucky. You smell yucky!” Well. I did not think I was lucky!!
“Please! Chuck! Lend me a buck!”
Chuck’s a duck. He can cluck!” Come on! Chickens cluck. Not ducks!
“Look at Chuck’s shoes. He got stuck in muck!”
“Hey! Chuck Chuckles? What’s with your knuckles?” Grr!


“Chuck! Pluck out a feather!”
“Poor Chuck-Chuck. He has to suck his thumb!”
I could not STAND baseball! “Chuck-Chuck struck out. ONCE MORE! He snuck home to his mom!”
“Chuck-Chuck. Tuck in your shirt.”
“Baby Chuck-Chuck. He plays with a toy truck!”
My Mom and Dad tried. To help me, that is. They had a saying. “Sticks and stones may break my bones. But names will never hurt me.”
Yeah. Right! I was the victim. Not them! Mom grew up “Lisa Smith.” Dad was “James Charles.” No one made fun of them! Not their names!
But guess what? Now it’s good. I have THE best job! The best EVER! I have great friends. I’m on a huge adventure!
So! To all the kids who made fun of me. “Nanny-nanny-pooh-pooh! EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT!”





From Space Hawk

Watch out! What in the world was that?!”

Stan The Man
My name is Fran,
And I am a fan,
Of a guy named Stan,
Whose Gran is named Ann,
And whose aunt is named Jan.
He’s “Stan The Man.”
He had a plan,
To go to the beach,
To get a tan.
He ran past a van,
Owned by a man named Dan,
But Stan tripped on a pan.
And he landed on his can,
Stopped in his tracks,
Before his tan began.
Above his head,
I could scan,
A great big bird,
With a large wing span,
Perhaps from Japan.
It flew over Stan,
Cool old Stan The Man,
And pooped on his shoulder,
Then flew off like Batman!
Poor Stan!

From Sap On A Map

I put back on my cap,
My cap with a long flap,
And I saw on my map,
That was right in my lap,
A big drop of tree sap.
At this I did not clap,
‘Cause I am not a chap,
Who likes a mess on my map.
This kind of thing makes me snap!

From Brad The Bad Lad

I know a bad lad,
A high school grad,
Who likes to wear plaid,
And sing with his iPad.
His name is Brad.
He’s quite a cad.
He stole some coins,
Right from my Dad.
Dad was a tad sad,
And then he got mad,
And called his friend Chad,
Who took out a want – ad.

From Dolch Builder     

The bird is in its nest.


Dad bought a yellow car.

From Jay Frog

Mr. Jay Frog. That was his name. He lived in a small house that was very damp!


The house was really wet. You could slip and fall, because the floor was a mess.


Oh, yeah, Mr. Smith just eats greens.


He laughed at his joke. He moved his legs. The bug could not touch him.


The float bobbed. Yank, yank! Up, down, up, down! It moved a lot.


WHOA! A trout! A HUGE trout! It jumped out of the pond. SPLASH, SNAP! It seized Jay!


He was like a cork. Up and down, ’round and ’round. Jay swam back to the bank. He got to the edge of the pond.


But guess what? He might have been dead! So, he said, “I’m glad that was a  trout, and NOT a pike – fish! I would have been a pike’s lunch!”

From Cold Snow  

The air is cold,
The worms have fled,
For blue bird here,
What can be done?

From Zack And Ann

Zack spots a crab on the sand. The crab runs up.


Ann got in a cab with the dress. The cab man sped off.


Dan must fix up his ship. The ship has a big crack in its mast.


Then Dan gets a mask. The mask will help block the dust.


Dan drills and bangs. At last, Dan’s ship is all set.


“This big tent, it is the best, is the best, is the best! This big tent, it is the  best. Yes, it’s the best!”


Spot’s Bath
Spot is in his bathtub. Spot and his dog pals went in a mud pit.


Ann sets a box of hats on the bed.
“Which hat is the best?” Ann asks. “Is this black top hat the best?”
“No!” Zack says. “That one has a big dent!”


“Tenth and Hill,” says the man. “And step on it!” the man adds. “I’m in a big rush!”


The man grabs a bunch of cash and hands it to Dan.


Ann has a cut on one leg. It’s not just a cut. It’s a red gash.

From Ears Hear    

Bells clang. Doors slam. Bang! Bang!


Kitchen Tale
My name is Pat,
I took off my hat,
I stood on the mat,
I poured soup in the vat,
Of course it was nonfat,
So, I put in some fat.
I sat to pat my cat,
Who then chased a rat,
And in flew a bat!
My brat of a cat,
Spat at the bat,
Then he went SCAT.
The coward!
“I thought you were a tomcat!
Not a wussie!”
He left ME to combat the bat!
The bat hit the wall,
SPLAT! He fell flat
I picked him up,
And threw him out.
Into my soup flew a gnat!



Activity 14) CVCC words: Short-O repeated exposure:


If you bonk me on the head with that, I’ll tell Mom!


That toddler bops me on the head with his rattler all the time.


I hope that the car doesn’t conk out on us.


That cop’s whistle is really loud.


Uh-oh, there are three cops asking that guy some questions.


I’m afraid that toy is going to cost too much.


She ran to the door when she heard, “ding  – dong!”


Dot’s finally getting her braces removed next week.


That’s a cool dress with all those polka – dots.


I’m very fond of my grandmother.


Change the font in this Word document to Arial.


I loved Henry Winkler’s character, the Fonz, in the sitcom called Happy Days.


One day I want to learn how to play golf.


You need to honk your horn if the car next to you is getting too close.


It’s amazing to see how far a kangaroo hops.


Dad jots down lots of ideas he might use to write a novel.


Have you seen the giant gorilla, King Kong?


I got to sleep in the loft of the vacation cabin that we had rented.


That dog’s snout is really long.


Watch how this chef lops off the stalks on these broccoli crowns.


Dern, I lost my favorite “Elephant and Piggie” book.


There are lots of things to choose from on the buffet.


These mops are pretty beat up, so let’s throw them out.


We didn’t catch a single fish at the pond today.


My brother usually beats me at ping – pong.


Pop’s boss said he’d done a great job on his latest project.


Hot butter pops in a skillet, and it might burn you.


None of our pots are big enough to cook a whole lobster in them.


A banana skin turns all brown when the banana rots.


My new blanket is nice and soft.


I am sick of hearing that song over and over again on the radio.


Can you put the tops on these three jars of jelly?


Look at all those cute tots in the pre-school.


I’m so exhausted that I think I’ll just zonk out on the couch and take a nap.


The sea was rough, and there were huge waves.


Open the door for me.


This cake is moist.


It’s your turn to take out the trash.


She yells too much.


This rock is smooth and round.


He is strong and lifts weights.


I hope that I did well on the test.


I hope that this rock star comes to town.


She won the race!


There’s a new boy in our class.


The shot that the nurse gave me did not hurt.


You scared the wits out of me!


I laugh every time that I hear that joke.


Turn down the sound; it’s too loud.








Core Knowledge (R) Independent Reading 

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Lesson 80 – Part One

NEW WORDS: Chad’s, Sam’s, Tut, chomps, cups, digs, flops, grin, list, mop, naps, sips, snip, snips, swims, taps, tugs, twists, yelps, zap

Sam and the Fish
This is Sam. Sam and his dad fish in a pond. Sam’s dad brings a rod. Sam brings a net. Sam and his dad sit and sit.
Then, zap! Sam’s dad gets a fish. The fish jumps. The fish twists and swims. Sam’s dad tugs on the rod. The fish swims past Sam. Sam swings his net. Sam lifts up the net. The fish is in the net! Sam and his dad grin.
Fun at the Pond
Sam is at the pond with his pals. Six frogs rest in the wet mud. Sam runs at the frogs. The frogs all hop in the pond. Sam’s pal, Chad, digs up a crab. The crab gets mad at Chad. The crab snips at Chad’s hands. Chad drops the crab.
Jen lifts up a log and spots a bug. The bug is long, with lots of legs. The bug runs and digs in the sand.
The pond is lots of fun.


Sam’s Pets
Sam has pets. One of his pets is a dog. One of his pets is a cat. One of his pets is a bug. This is Sam’s dog, Max. Max runs and jumps. Max digs in the mud. Max rubs mud on Sam. Max yelps at the cat.
This is Sam’s cat, Tim. Tim sips milk from a dish. Tim naps on Sam’s bed. Tim runs from Max.
This is Sam’s bug, King Tut. King Tut hops from plant to plant. King Tut chomps on plants. King Tut runs from Tim.
Sam has a long list of tasks. Sam must scrub a bunch of cups. Sam must help his dad trim shrubs. Sam must mop the steps.
Sam scrubs all of the cups. Scrub, scrub, scrub. Sam helps his dad trim shrubs. Snip, snip, snip.
The sun is hot. Sam gets hot. Sam spots a fan on the rug. Sam flops on the rug and naps. Then his mom spots him. Sam’s mom taps him with the mop. Sam jumps up. Sam picks up the mop.




Core Knowledge (R) Independent Reading 

(Review guidelines for publishing Core Knowledge (R) materials at the bottom of this page-view.)



Lesson 81 – Part Two

NEW WORDS: Mack, Mack’s, bent, checks, chills, class, crash, grins, print, prints, pulls, rings, sends, swimming

The Van
Sam’s mom has a van. Sam is in the van. Sam and his mom got his pal, Chad. Then the van hit a big bump. The van will jump up, up, up. Then, slam!
The van hit the land. Crash! Smash! Crunch! Snap! Pop! The van was bent. The van had lots of dents. The van did not run.
Sam’s mom got a fix-it man. The fix-it man had a big fix-it kit. The fix-it kit did not help much. The fix-it man did not fix the van.
Sam’s mom got a cab. The kids got in the cab. Sam’s mom was sad. Sam held his mom’s hand. Then Sam sang his mom a song. “Mom,” Sam sang, “a van is just a van!”


On the Bus
The van is in the fix-it shop. Sam’s mom must get on the bus. The bus pulls in at the bus stop. Sam’s mom gets on and sits in back.
The bus bumps up the hill. Sam’s mom hangs on with one hand. Sam’s mom rings the bell. The bus stops at the next stop. Sam’s mom gets off.