Module B – Lessons 21 to 30

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Core Knowledge (R) Independent Reading 

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Lesson 21 – Part One

NEW WORDS: Alps, Gran’s, Hong, Josh, Kong, Swiss, Wong, cliff, cliffs, cling, crate, eek, gulf, kill, steep, vase

Gran’s Trips
“When will Gran get here?” Josh asks.

Jen shrugs. Just then, Josh and Jen see a cab on the street.

“Gran is here!” Jen yells. When Gran steps from the cab, Josh and Jen run up to get a hug.

“Was the trip fun?” Josh asks.

“Which one?” Gran asks. “I went on three trips!”

“Where to?” asks Josh.

“One was to the Swiss Alps,” says Gran. “In the Alps, there were steep cliffs. I went up to the top of one cliff, but it was slick. I fell and had to cling to the rocks!”

“No!” says Jen.

“Yes!” says Gran. “Here is a snap shot.”

“What was the next trip?” Josh asks.

“I went to Hong Kong,” says Gran.

“What is in Hong Kong?”

“Lots of stuff,” says Gran. “In Hong Kong I met a man who sings and has wings on his back.”

“No!” says Josh.

“Yes!” says Gran. “Here is a snap shot.”

“What was the last trip?” asks Jen.

“I went to the gulf to swim with the eels and feed the fish,” says Gran.

“No!” says Jen.

“Yes!” says Gran. “Here is a snap shot.”

“Which trip was the best?” Josh asks.

“This one!” Gran says. “The one where I get to see Josh and Jen!”


The Pet
Gran says, “When I was in Hong Kong, I got a pet.”

“What can it be?” asks Jen. “Is it a fish?”

“No,” says Gran.

“Is it a dog?” asks Josh. “No,” says Gran.

“Is this pet big?” asks Josh.

“Well,” says Gran, “he is not big, but he is long.”

“Has he got teeth?” asks Josh.

“He has fangs!” says Gran.

“What are fangs?” asks Jen.

Just then, the bell rings. Gran says, “That must be him!”


Wong from Hong Kong
Jen yells, “Gran, there is a man here with a big crate.”

Gran says, “It must be Wong!”

“Who?” asks Jen.

“The pet I got in Hong Kong,” says Gran.

“Wong from Hong Kong?” asks Jen.

“Yep!” says Gran.

“But what is this Wong?” asks Josh.

Gran takes the lid off the crate and lifts up a long, black snake. “Sweet!” says Josh. “Wong is a snake!”

Eek!” Jen yells. “I am scared of snakes!”

Gran says, “Wong is a safe snake. There are snakes that can kill us, but Wong is not one of them. This is a snake we can pet.”


Where Is Wong?
“Help!” Gran yells.

“What is it?” says Jen.

“Wong is not in his crate!” says Gran. “Where is he?”

Jen checks the pots and pans. “He is not in here!” she yells. “Check in the den.”

Josh checks the den. “He is not in here,” he yells. “I bet he went back to Hong Kong!” Just then, Wong peeks up from a big vase. “There he is!” says Josh. Gran runs to Wong and picks him up. She pets the snake. She is glad to see him.


Core Knowledge (R) Independent Reading 

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Lesson 22 – Part Two

NEW WORDS: dive, lets, ok, peek, reef, shades, tape, ting

The Swim Meet
Josh and Jen like to swim. They take Gran to their swim meet. Jen lines up in lane five. Josh lines up in lane six. The kids are up on the blocks. Then there is a beep. All the kids dive in. Splash!

“Swim!” yells Gran. “Swim fast!”

Josh and Jen swim as fast as they can. They swim and swim. In no time, they make it to the end. “Did Josh win?” asks Gran. “Did Jen win?” Josh and Jen wave and smile. They did not win, but they had a lot of fun!


At the Reef
Josh asks Gran what it was like when she went to the reef. “Well,” Gran says, “it was a lot of fun! I made a plan to meet my pal Mike. I had to ride my bike nine miles to the reef to meet Mike.”

“That is a long ride!” says Jen.

“When I got there, I went on a dive to see the fish and the eels.”

“With Mike?” Josh asks.

“No,” Gran says. “Mike did not dive with me. He went to hang glide.”

“Did he like it?” Jen asks.

“Not so much,” Gran says with a smile.

“Why not?” asks Josh. “It must be lots of fun to hang glide.”

“Did he crash?” asks Jen.

“No, no,” says Gran, “but he did have a bad time. When it was time to land, he hit a hive of bees! He got stung ten times.”

“Yikes!” says Jen.


The Bug Glass
‘‘Gran,’’ Jen says, ‘‘Josh is mad at me.’’

‘‘Why is he mad?’’ Gran asks.

‘‘I broke his bug glass.’’

‘‘What is a bug glass?’’

‘‘A bug glass is something that lets him see bugs and ants up close.’’

Gran checks the bug glass. “It is not so bad,” she says. “We can fix it with some tape.”

“Josh will still be mad,” Jen says.

“We can make him a snack,” says Gran. “And we can make the ants a snack, as well.” Gran hands Jen some chips and grapes. “Here,” she says, “Set those on the big stone in back.” Gran yells, ‘‘Snack time!’’

Josh runs in and grabs a snack. Gran lets him munch on it. Then she says, ‘‘Jen, take Josh to the stone.’’

Jen grabs Josh by the hand and takes him to the stone. He sees his bug glass. Then he sees a bunch of ants. He picks up the glass and stares at the ants. Josh smiles. ‘‘The ants like those chips!’’ he says. He hands Jen the glass. ‘‘Here!’’ he says, ‘‘Take a peek!’’


The Tape
“Gran,” Jen asks, “what is that?”

“This is a tape deck,” Gran says. “And in it is a tape with some songs sung by my Gran.” On the tape, Gran’s Gran sings a jazz song. At the end, she sings, “Pip! Pip! Ting a ling a ling!”

“I like those notes she sings at the end!” says Jen.

“So do I!” says Gran.

“Gran,” says Jen, ”we can act like we are in the band and sing the song!”

OK,” says Gran. “Run and get a dress. I will grab those shades I like.”

Gran and Jen dress up. Then they sing the song. At the end they sing, “Pip, pip! Ting a ling a ling!”


Core Knowledge (R) Independent Reading 

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Lesson 23 – Part Three

NEW WORDS: Mel, drift, fuzz, games, mmmm, mope, piled, shakes, slop, sulk, swell, tucks, wipe, zzzzzzzzzzzz

Fuzz and Mel
The kids are in bed, but they can not sleep. “Gran!” Josh yells.

Gran peeks in and asks, “What is it?”

“We can not sleep!” says Josh. “We can not sleep.”

“Tell us a tale!” says Jen.

“OK,” says Gran. “This is the tale of Fuzz and Mel. Once there were two cats named Fuzz and Mel. Fuzz was a cute cat who did his best to be safe at all times. Mel was a brave cat who had a fast plane. Fuzz!” Mel said, “We can take a ride in my plane!”

“Um,” Fuzz said, “well . . . the thing is . . . I like to be safe . . . and I am not . . .”

“It is safe,” Mel said. “Jump in!”

“The plane went up, up, up. A duck came up next to the plane.”

“What a swell duck!” said Fuzz. “And what a swell plane ride! Why was I so scared of a plane ride?”

“Just then, Mel made the plane zip from side to side. Fuzz did not like that. It did not feel safe to him. Then Mel made the plane dive. ‘ZZZZZZZZZZZZ!’ went the plane as it dove.”

‘‘Stop!’’ said Fuzz, as he held on to the side of the plane. ‘‘Not safe! Not safe!’’

“Mel set the plane back on the land. Fuzz felt sick. He had the shakes.”

“Ug,” he said. “That’s the last time I ride in a plane with Mel.”


The Sweet Shop
“Gran,” Josh asks, “did you have a job when you were a kid?”

“I did,” says Gran. “My dad had a sweet shop, and I had a job in the shop.”

“Did you get to make sweets?”

“Yes,” says Gran. “I got to make milk shakes, cakes, and gum drops.”

“Was it fun?” Josh asks.

“Some of it was fun,” says Gran. “But it was not all fun and games. I had to sweep and pick up. And I had to wipe off the cake case.”

“Can you still make cakes?” asks Jen.

“You bet I can!” says Gran. “Do you want to make one?”


King and Queen
“Gran,” Josh says, “will you tell us a tale?”

“Yes!” says Jen. “Tell the one where you had to scare off the mad hog!”

“No!” says Josh. “Tell the one where you were on that ship in the wind and waves!”

“I will tell you a tale I made up,” says Gran. This is a tale of a king and his queen. Once there was a queen who felt sad. All she did was sulk and mope. The king felt sad that his wife was so sad. He made eggs to cheer up the queen. But the queen said the eggs had a bad smell. The king made a cake. But the queen did not like it. The king made gum drops. But the queen did not like them. By this time, the king was not sad. He was mad. He went back to the stove and made a pot of green slop.”

‘‘There!’’ the king said. ‘‘This slop is not fit to feed to pigs! The queen will hate it. But so what?”

“The king piled some slop on a plate. Then he gave the plate to the queen. The queen had a bite.”

‘‘Mmmm!’’ she said. ‘‘This is the best!’’

“Did she like the green slop?” Jen asks.

“Yep!” says Gran.

“That was an odd tale!” says Jen.

“Odd but fun!” says Josh. Gran tucks the kids in. Then Josh and Jen drift off to sleep.


Core Knowledge (R) Independent Reading 

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Lesson 24 – Part Four

NEW WORDS: Tex, chucks, dim, drives, greet, hugs, lands, pats, plans, pops, pup, ranch, rope, site, skids, tricks, yup

The Trip West
‘‘I have made plans to take a trip,’’ says Gran. ‘‘My pal Tex has a ranch in the West. It will be a lot of fun!’’ Gran smiles, but Josh and Jen are sad.

‘‘We will miss you!’’ says Jen.

‘‘What will we do here?’’ says Josh.

‘‘Well,’’ says Gran, ‘‘What if you kids came on the trip with me? Your mom and dad said I can take you with me, if you would like.’’

‘‘Yes!’’ the kids yell. ‘‘Take us with you! Take us with you!’’

Josh and Jen pack their bags. They get in a cab with Gran. Then they get on a plane. ‘‘Will we be safe on this plane?’’ Jen asks.

‘‘Yes,’’ says Gran. ‘‘This will be a safe plane ride, not like the one Fuzz had with Mel.’’ 


When the plane lands, Gran rents a van and drives the kids to the ranch. Tex is there to greet them. He is a big man with a big hat. He shakes hands with Josh and Jen. Then he hugs Gran. At the ranch, there is a mule with packs on his back and bells on his neck.

“That is Sam,” says Tex. “He has all the camp stuff in his pack.”

“Will we get to camp?” asks Jen.

Tex nods. “Yup. He has your tent on his back!” Josh and Jen run to Sam. They pet the mule. Sam shakes, and his bells ring. The kids smile.


Saved by the Bells
Josh, Jen, and Gran hike off to the camp site with Sam the mule. “I will meet you there!” Tex yells.

When they get to the camp site, Josh hangs Sam’s rope on a tree. The camp site is close to a cave. Gran and the kids peek in the cave. Drip. Drip. The cave is damp and dim. No sun shines in the cave. Josh, Jen, and Gran hike deep in the cave. They get lost. They are a bit scared, but just then Sam’s bells ring. Sam’s bells help them get back to the camp site. When they get back, Jen hugs the mule and says, “Sam, you and your bells saved us!”


Splash Dogs
Tex takes Gran and the kids to meet his dogs, Buck and Pup. Buck is a big black dog. Pup is just a pup. “We can take them to the lake, so you can see their tricks,” says Tex.

At the lake, Tex grabs a stick. “Here, Buck!” he yells. Tex chucks the stick in the lake. Buck runs to the end of the dock and jumps. Splash! Buck swims to the stick and brings it back.

“Can Pup jump?” Jen asks.

“Well,” Tex says, “he can swim, but he has not made a jump yet. Let us see if we can get him to jump.” Tex takes a stick and chucks it on the land. Pup runs and gets it. Tex pats him on the back. Next, Tex takes a stick and chucks it in the lake. The dogs run off, but Pup skids to a stop at the end of the dock. Buck jumps in and gets the stick.

“This time,” Tex says, “keep a hand on Buck and see if Pup will jump.” Gran grabs Buck and hugs him. Tex chucks the stick in the lake. This time, Pup runs and makes the jump. Splash! Josh and Jen cheer and clap. Pup pops up and swims back to the land. But what has he got in his teeth?

“Is that the stick?” Josh asks.
“No!” yells Jen. “Pup has a fish!”


Core Knowledge (R) Independent Reading 

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Lesson 25 – Part Five  

NEW WORDS: Rex, creek, gulch, heck, lined, mile, nope, rags, slings, speeds, tires, track, trench, wax, weeks, wipes

Tex and Rex
Josh and Jen see a man in the den. The man has a black hat. “Tex!” says Jen. The kids smile and wave. The man waves back. “We were at the creek!” Jen yells. The man just smiles.

“There were deer tracks at the creek!” Josh yells. The man nods, but then he runs off.

“Gran,” Jen asks, “is Tex mad at us?”

“Mad?” Gran asks. “Why?”

“He seems odd,” says Jen. “I said we went to the creek, and he just smiled.”

“And I said there were deer tracks at the creek, and all he did was nod,” says Josh.

“It was Tex, but he did not act like Tex,” says Jen.

Just then, Gran grins. “We need to take a trip to the shed,” she says. When Gran and the kids get to the shed, they see Tex. Then they see the man in the black hat.

Jen stares at Tex and says, “If you are Tex, then who is that?”

“Kids,” says Gran with a big smile, “meet Rex. Rex and Tex are twins!”


Gran’s Mud Run
Gran, Tex, and the kids are at a track. Gran is all set to drive in a Mud Run. Three trucks are lined up side by side. A man waves a flag and the trucks take off. Gran is fast. She drives past the red truck and the black truck. She spins the tires and slings lots of mud on the black truck. Splat! Josh and Jen cheer.

Gran drives five laps. Then she gets stuck in deep mud. The red truck speeds by. Then the black one zips past. Gran rocks the truck. It hops from the trench. Gran steps on the gas. With three laps left, she zips past the black truck. With one lap left, Gran is just in back of the red truck. The red truck slings lots of mud on Gran’s truck. Gran can not see much, but she steps on the gas.

The red truck and Gran’s green truck cross the line side by side. Gran hops from the truck and yells, “Did I win?”

“Yes!” the kids yell.

Gran wipes off some mud and asks, “What is my prize?” A man runs up with the prize. He hands Gran a tire brush, a big box of rags, and some truck wax. “Just what I need!” says Gran.


Gran’s Trip Home
Gran hugs Josh and Jen. “Tex will take you kids back in his truck,” she says.

“Will you take a bus?” Jen asks.

Nope,” says Gran. Gran waves a map. “This will get me home,” she says.

“See here?” she says. “We are here. I will ride my bike to Three Mile Gulch, which is here on my map. It will take me a week to get there.”

“A week!” says Josh.

Gran nods. “I will use my rope to cross the gulch,” Gran says. “Then I will hike up to Pine Hill. It’s just nine miles.”

“Nine miles!” says Josh.

“Then I will be close to home,” says Gran. “It is just ten miles from Pine Hill to my home.”

“Ten miles!” says Jen.

“You kids have got one heck of a Gran!” says Tex.

As Gran sets off, the kids wave. Gran waves back. “See you in six weeks!” she yells.



Lesson 26 – Poems And Rhymes

NEW WORDS: Belle, blade, cart, dame’s, drinks, irons, lame, maids, milks, o’clock, pound, pours, sleds, smelt, squeeze, tame, tick, tock

To Sled
There were two young boys,
At play in the snow.
They took their small sleds,
And they slid to and fro.


Boy On The Hay
There was a young boy,
Went in to a barn,
And lay down on some hay.

A calf came out,
And smelt like a trout,
And the young boy would not stay.


An Old Maid
There was an old maid,
Lived ‘neath a hill.
And if she’s not gone,
She lives there still.


I had a small dog,
And his name was True.
He showed me a hole,
In the crack of the fence.
And that’s just the crack,
Where the pig went through!


Mr. Bird At Church
When Mrs. Bird wants Mr. Bird,
To get dressed up for church,
She puts starch on his black pants,
And she irons his best white shirt.


What They Say
What does the drum say?
Pound it hard, Bub!
Make as much noise as you think you can.
Go at it, my man!”

Poem by Mary Mapes Dodge

The Boy Who Made Hay
The boy goes to the field and takes his blade.
And what will you do with the blade?
Cut the grass.
And what will you do with the grass?
Make it in to hay.
And what will you do with the hay?
Feed it to the cow?
And what will you do with the cow?
Milk her.
And what will you do with the milk?
Give it to the child.
And what will you do with the child?
Hug him and squeeze him!
And hug him and squeeze him!


Three Old Maids
Three old maids, to skate they went,
To skate they went, to skate they went.
Three old maids, to skate they went,
At sun-up in the morn.

The ice was thin, they all fell in,
They all fell in, they all fell in.
The ice was thin, they all fell in,
At sun-up in the morn.

Who shall we get to pull them out?
To pull them out, to pull them out.
Who shall we get to pull them out,
At sun-up in the morn?

Big John Jones shall pull them out,
Shall pull them out, shall pull them out.
Big John Jones shall pull them out,
At sun-up in the morn.


May-Belle Milks The Cow
Ticktock, five o’clock
May-Belle milks the cow.
May-Belle milks as fast as she can,
As fast as she can, can, can.

Tick-tock, six o’clock!
May-Belle pours the milk.
May-Belle pours the milk in the pan,
The milk in the pan, pan, pan.

Tick-tock, seven o’clock!
The milk is in the cart.
And the horse pulls the cart on the road,
The cart on the road, road, road.

Tick-tock, eight o’clock!
The wee child drinks his milk.
He drinks down each small drop, drop, drop.
He drinks down each small drop.


Lame Crane
My dame had a lame, tame crane,
Oh, my dame had a lame, tame crane.
Pray, sweet Jane, let my
Dame’s lame tame crane,
Drink and come back home,
In the rain.


Core Knowledge (R) Independent Reading 

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Lesson 27 – Part One

NEW WORDS: Clive, Clive’s, Dave, Jade’s, Lee, Scott, Scott’s, chat, drips, dusk, grapes, hang, hike, jade, miles, sags, scrape, skate, skates, snake, sweep, wave, weeds

Scott and Lee
This is Scott Green. Scott is ten. Scott’s dad keeps a pig in a pen. Scott’s mom keeps three hens. Scott keeps a sheep. Lee the Sheep is Scott’s pet. Scott feeds Lee and rubs him on the back. Lee is a sweet sheep.
Red Ants
Lee the Sheep had a bad week last week. Red ants bit him on his legs and feet. Scott had to sweep the ants with his hand to get rid of them. Scott was mad at the ants. “Ants,” he said, “Lee is a sweet sheep. Feel free to munch on plants and weeds, but not on Lee!”

One of the ants said, “We feel bad. We will not munch on Lee. We will munch on plants and weeds.”


The Bees
The red ants left. But then the bees got Lee! The bees stung Lee on his cheek and on his feet. Scott ran up to help Lee. Then he went and had a chat with the bees. “Bees,” said Scott, “why sting Lee the Sheep? He is a sweet sheep.”

One bee said, “Bees will be bees.”

One bee said, “I must be me.”

Then Scott got mad. He said, “Sting the pig. Sting the hens! Sting the cat. Sting the dog. But let Lee be!” And the bees let Lee be.
Cake and Grapes
Scott got a cake to share with his pal Jade. Jade got a bunch of red grapes to share with Scott. Scott went to Jade’s and gave Jade the cake. Jade gave Scott the grapes. Then the kids sat and ate. Jade ate all of Scott’s cake. Scott ate all of Jade’s grapes.


Fun in the Sand
Scott is with Jade and Dave. The kids dig in the sand. They shape the sand. They make a sand man. A big wave hits. The kids can’t save their sand man from the wave. The sand man gets wet. He slumps. He sags. He drips. The sand man is a mess. But the kids are not sad. They run and splash in the waves.
Jade got skates when she was six. Scott just got his last week. He is scared to get up on his skates. “Is this safe?” Scott asks. “What if I trip and get a scrape? What if I hit a tree? What if I see a snake?”

“It is safe!” says Jade. “Just skate.” Jade helps Scott skate. Scott slips once. Then he gets the hang of it. “Jade,” he yells, “it’s fun to skate!”


A Fine Hike
Scott is on a hike with Clive and Clive’s dad. They hike three miles up a big hill. At the top of the hill, Clive’s dad says, “This is where we will camp.” He drops his pack on the grass. Scott and Clive help him set up the tent. At five, Scott and Clive hike to the lake to fish. They get five fish!

At dusk, the kids hike back to camp. Clive’s dad makes a fire. The kids munch on hot dogs. At nine, they get in their tent. They are all tired. They smile as they sleep.


Core Knowledge (R) Independent Reading 

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Lesson 28 – Part Two

NEW WORDS: Hope’s, belts, bike, click, froze, holes, nod, plane, plus, pride, rents, sale, sob, spice, strip, tire

The Bike Ride
Scott’s sis, Meg, likes to ride a bike. Once Meg went on a bike ride with Scott. Meg’s tire hit a rock, and she fell off the bike. Meg was brave. She did not yell. She did not sob. She got back on the bike. Then she said, “Let’s ride!”

“Meg,” Scott said, “I am glad my sis is so brave!” That made Meg smile with pride!
The Plane Ride
Scott’s dad rents a plane. He asks Scott and Meg to ride with him in the plane. The kids smile and nod. The kids get in the plane. They click on their belts. Then their dad takes off.

The plane picks up speed. By the time it gets to the end of the strip, it lifts up. The kids can see lots of things from the plane. “That’s Big Lake!” says Scott. “But it’s not so big from up here, is it? It seems like it’s just a frog pond!”

“What’s that?” Meg asks.

“That’s a truck,” says Scott.

“A truck?” says Meg. “But it’s the size of a dot!” Scott and Meg smile. It’s fun to ride in a plane.


The Gift
Scott and Meg’s mom is named Liz. She stops off at Hope’s Dress Shop. “Hope,” Liz says, “I need a doll’s dress. The dress on Meg’s doll has a bunch of holes in it.”

“Well,” says Hope, “here’s a dress. It’s a doll’s size, and it’s on sale.”

“This is just what I need!” says Liz. “It will fit Meg’s doll, and Meg likes green!” Hope drops the dress in a bag. Liz hands Hope cash. Hope hands the bag to Liz. Hope is glad. She has made a sale. Liz is glad, as well. She has a gift to take home to Meg.
The Sled Ride
“I’ll drive!” said Scott, as he sat on the sled.

Jade and Meg got on next. Dave was the last one on the sled. He sat in back. The sled slid off. It went fast. “Scott,” Jade said, “steer to the left! There’s a big stone there by the —”

Smack! The sled hit the stone. The kids fell off. Scott went to check on Jade. “Ug!” Jade said. “I feel like I broke all the bones in my leg!”

“Hop on the sled,” Scott said. “I will drag it home.”

Meg went to check on Dave. Dave said, “I froze my nose!”

“Hop on the sled with Jade,” said Meg. “Scott and I will drag it home.”


Scott’s Snack Stand
Scott has a snack stand. Last week, he rode his bike to a shop to get nuts to sell at his stand. He got three big bags of nuts. The nuts cost him a lot of cash. Scott slid the bags in his tote bag. Then he rode home. When he got home, he got his mom to help him make hot spice nuts on the stove top.

Then Scott set up his stand. “Hot spice nuts!” he said. “Get a bag of hot spice nuts! Just one buck!” A kid came by and got a bag of nuts. Then a man got a bag. Then the man’s wife got a bag. He made back the five he had spent on nuts, plus ten in cash!


Core Knowledge (R) Independent Reading 

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Lesson 29 – Part Three

NEW WORDS: Ling, cave, chimp, cracks, crane, cute, dips, flaps, frost, glides, ick, peeks, skiff, spins, steers, um, vests, waved, west, zone

In the Pet Shop
Scott is in a pet shop. He spots a chimp in a pen. The chimp hangs from a branch. Then he jumps up on a big red cube and grins at Scott. Scott sings a tune to the chimp. The chimp waves back. Scott likes the chimp, and the chimp seems to like him! “Mom,” Scott says, “this chimp is so cute. He got up on his cube and waved at me! Can I take him home?”

“No,” says his mom. “My home is a chimp-free zone.”

Scott stares at the chimp. His mom can see that he is sad, so she tells him he can get a fish. Scott is so sad he can’t take the chimp home, but he is glad he gets to take a fish home.


Scott Bakes a Cake
Scott’s mom bakes cakes with Meg. “Scott,” she says, “you can help us with this cake, if you like.”

Scott shrugs. “Well,” he says, “if you can use my help, I will help.”

“It will be fun,” says his mom. “You can crack the eggs.”

Scott cracks three eggs and drops them in the dish. Scott asks if he can mix up the eggs. Then he asks if he can add in the cake mix. “Well,” his mom says, “if you add the cake mix, then Meg gets to frost the cake.”

“Can I help Meg frost it?” Scott asks. Mom and Meg smile.

Meg says, “See, Scott. It’s fun to bake a cake!”


The Cave
Scott and Jade are on a hike. Jade spots a cave and peeks in. “Are there bats in there?” Scott asks.

“I can’t tell,” Jade says, “but I hope so! I like bats!”

Ick!” says Scott. “Bats are not cute.”

Scott and Jade step in the cave. Jade yells, “Bats, where are you? Wake up!”

Scott says, “Let the bats sleep.” Just then a bat glides up. It flaps its wings. It dips and spins. Jade stares at the bat and smiles. Scott ducks and yells, “Hide! A bat!”


The Skiff Ride
“Let’s take a ride in my skiff,” says Scott.

“What’s a skiff?” asks Ling.

Um, it’s like a ship,” says Scott, “but not so big.” The kids run to the dock. They can swim well, but, to be safe, they slip on life vests.

Scott and Ling get in the skiff. Scott steers the skiff. He steers it to the west side of the lake. The skiff glides in the wind. Ling spots lots of fun things. “I see ducks by that pine tree!” she yells.

“Is that a fish?” Scott asks.

“There’s a crane!” Ling adds. She says, “Scott, this is so much fun!”


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Lesson 30 – Part Four

NEW WORDS: Mike, Mike’s, cheers, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, fangs, fumes, gate, glade, glares, grove, kites, lump, sleeps, sock, speck, test, trade, trades, twig, vote, wakes 

Lunch Trades
Dave checks his lunch bag. “No!” he fumes. “It’s ham. I ate ham all week! Will you trade, Ling?”

“I’ll trade my hot dog,” Ling says, “but not my chips. Will you trade your lunch, Scott?”

“I will trade,” Scott says, “but you will not like what Mom gave me.”

“Why?” asks Ling. “What’s in your bag?”

“A fish bone, a lump of fat, and a wet sock,” says Scott.

“No to all of those!” says Ling.

“Ug!” says Dave. “No trade!”

As Ling and Dave trade, Scott keeps his bag. He does not tell Ling and Dave what he has in his bag. He has chips, ham, a bun, and a bunch of red grapes. Scott likes all of the things in his bag. He will not trade them.


Mike’s Tale
The kids sat by a fire. “Let’s all tell tales,” said Ling. “Then we can vote on which tale is the best!”

“Let me tell mine!” Mike said. “My tale will scare you.”
“No!” said Dave, “You can’t scare me!”

“Well,” said Mike, “we will see!”

“There’s a Grump,” Mike said, “that makes its home close to this spot. It’s big. It has long fangs. It sleeps when the sun is up and wakes when the sun sets. The Grump can smell kids. It likes to grab them and …”

Just then, there was a snap. “What was that?” Dave said.

“It was just a twig,” Ling said.

“But what made it snap like that?” said Dave. Dave was scared.

Dave got up to run, but Ling said, “It’s not the Grump! It’s just Meg!”


Green Grove Glade
Dave and Scott hike to Green Grove Glade with their moms and dads. They stop at the gate and a man says, “Moms and dads, rest here, where you can see your kids as they run, jump, and slide.” Scott and Dave are glad this is a spot for kids. They are glad their moms and dads are close, if they get tired.

The kids swing on the swings. They slide on the slides. They ride on the rides. When they get tired, they get their moms and dads and hike back to their homes.

“Was it fun, Scott?” his mom asks when they get home. Scott nods and smiles. “What was it like?” she asks.

Scott grins and quips, “It was fun, Mom! Green Grove Glade is a fun spot for kids!”


The Boss
“Meg,” Scott says, “when Mom and Dad are on their trip, I will be the boss here.”

“You are not the boss of me!” says Meg.

“I’m the boss!” says Scott.

“You are not!” says Meg.

Scott glares at Meg. Meg glares back at him. Just then Mom steps in and taps Scott on the back. “Scott,” she says, “meet Jen. Jen will be the boss till Dad and I get back.”

“Meg’s boss?” Scott asks.

“Meg’s boss AND Scott’s boss,” his mom says.

“Rats!” says Scott. “When will I get to be the boss?”


The King of Kites
“What’s that?” Dave asks.

“It’s a kite I made,” says Scott.

“Can I help you test it?” Dave asks.

“Yes,” says Scott.

The kids take the kite close to the lake to test it. Scott grabs the string. Then he runs as fast as he can. The wind grabs Scott’s kite. The kite zips up. It rides on the wind. It shines in the sun. The wind lifts it up till it is just a speck. Dave cheers. “Scott,” he yells, “you are the man! That kite you made is the best kite of all time! You are the King of Kites!”

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