Module B – Lessons 51 to 60

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Lesson 51 – Poems And Rhymes

NEW WORDS: Joan, London, Monday, Saturday, Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday, anymore, beyond, bleak, bramble, burnt, castle, clearly, dragonly, east, elegant, everybody, foam, fortress, greedy, greenery, guns, hasn’t, mell, mister, mountain, nobody’s, peeping, pell, picnics, piggie, piggies, pockets, potato, ringed, scalloped, scampered, schoolroom, scratched, sipped, someone’s, straws, tempting, tinted, trough, turret, valleys, wagon, wars, wearing, winter’s, wondrous

Poor Shadow
Everything has a shadow,
A mountain, a bird or a ball.
Only a poor, poor shadow,
Hasn’t a shadow at all!

Poem by Ilo Orleans

The Winds
Mister East gave a feast.
Mister North laid the cloth.
Mister West did his best.
Mister South burnt his mouth,
Eating cold potato.


The Pigs
Piggie Wig and Piggie Wee,
Hungry pigs as pigs could be,
For their dinner had to wait,
Down beyond the barnyard gate.

Piggie Wig and Piggie Wee,
Climbed the barnyard gate to see,
Peeping through the gate so high,
But no dinner could they spy.

Piggie Wig and Piggie Wee,
Got down, sad as pigs could be,
But the gate soon opened wide,
And they scampered forth outside.

Piggie Wig and Piggie Wee,
What was their delight to see?
Dinner ready, not far off,
Such a full and tempting trough!

Piggie Wig and Piggie Wee,
Greedy pigs as pigs could be,
For their dinner ran pellmell,
In the trough both Piggies fell.

Poem by Emelie Poulsson

Play Days
How many days has my baby to play?
Saturday, Sunday, Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
Saturday, Sunday, Monday.


We Built A Castle Near The Rocks
We built a castle,
Near the rocks.
We built it out of sand.

Our fortress was,
An ice-cream box,
With turret, tall and grand.

Our men were twigs,
Our guns were straws,
From which we’d sipped at lunch.

We had the very best of wars,
Till someone’s foot,

Poem by Joan Walsh Anglund

Kitty-Cat And Queen
“Kitty-cat, Kitty-cat,
Where have you been?”
“I’ve been to London,
To look at the Queen.”

“Kitty-cat, Kitty-cat,
What did you there?”
“I frightened a little mouse,
Under the chair.”


The Gold-Tinted Dragon
What’s the good of a wagon,
Without a dragon,
To pull you for mile after mile?

An elegant, lean one,
A gold-tinted green one,
Wearingdragonly smile.

You’ll sweep down the valleys,
You’ll sail up the hills,
Your dragon will shine in the sun.

As you rush by,
The people will cry,
“I wish that my wagon had one!”

Poem by Karla Kuskin

The Man In Our Town
There was a man in our town,
And he was wondrous wise.
He jumped into a bramble bush,
And scratched out both his eyes.

But when he saw his eyes were out,
With all his might and main,
He jumped into another bush,
And scratched ’em in again.


Picnic Day
Sing a song of picnics,
Bread and butter spread,
Greenery all around about,
And cherries overhead!

Poem by Rachel Field

The Clock
There’s a neat little clock,
In the schoolroom it stands,
And it points to the time,
With its two little hands.

And may we, like the clock,
Keep a face clean and bright,
With hands ever ready,
To do what is right.


The sea is ringed around with hills,
And scalloped with white foam.
I’ve filled my pockets full of shells,
And now I’m going home.

Poem by Jean Jaszi

Cold and raw, the north wind does blow,
Bleak in the morning early.
All the hills are covered with snow,
And winter’s now come, clearly.


Five Years Old
Please, everybody,
Look at me!
Today I’m FIVE years old,
You see!

And after this,
I won’t be four,
Not ever, ever,

I won’t be three,
Or two, or one,
For that was when,
I’d first begun.

Now I’ll be five a while, and then,
I’ll soon be something else, again!

Poem by Marie Louise Allen

Little Jumping Joan
Here I am,
Little jumping Joan,
When nobody’s with me,
I’m always alone.


Lesson 52 – Fry-Builder  

NEW WORDS: Europe, President, State, difficult, direct, direction, discovered, distance, divided, dollars, during, effect, energy, enjoy, entire, equal, especially, exactly, example, exercise, expect, explain, express, fact, factories, famous, farmers, figure, industry, million, opposite, prepared, printed, probably, produce, products, provide, received, record, region, remain, repeated, report, represent, result, return, rule, science, scientists, separate, settled, sentence, several, shown, sign, similar, single, soil, soldiers, sometimes, southern, stretched, students, subject, suddenly, suggested, supply, suppose, surface, symbols, temperature, thousands, thus, tools, total, toward, travel, triangle, tube, type, uncle, understand

She has a super power.

Head to practice.

Are you prepared?

What a great present!

It’s the President!

I printed it out.

You probably should.

Produce twenty of these.

They make bad products.

Take a seat.

Any more questions?

Do this quickly!

They ran a race.

They raised it up.

I’d rather not!

Bob reached for the ball.

Are you ready?

That’s a poor reason.

We received the letter.

Did you record the talk?


What region are you from?

Remain quiet!

I can’t remember.

She repeated it once.

That’s a good report.

Can you represent our school?

Was the result good?

Return this to Dad.

When will the sun rise?

The river is flooding.

Pull up that root.

Climb that rope.

That’s a dumb rule.

Go weigh on the scale.

Is that a science show?

Scientists are smart!

I’ll be a second.

Doesn’t that seem strange?

I want to sell that.

Send this letter.


That makes sense.

I’ll provide some for the party.

He’s in the computer industry.

She’s got a million bucks.

Hot is the opposite of cold.

I sent it.

Write this sentence.

Separate these.

She’s all settled.

I’ll take several.

I’m in good shape.

I shouted, “Watch out!”

Our house was shown today.

That’s a stop sign.

Please keep silent.

My job is difficult.

Please direct me there.

Go in that direction.

Who discovered fire?

It’s a long distance.


I divided these in half.

You should see a doctor.

It’s ten dollars.

He took a nap during the show.

I got up early.

We’re on the east end of town.

Put your plan into effect.

I’ll cook some eggs.

I don’t like either one.

It took lots of energy.

Start the engine!

England is in Europe.

She speaks English.

Did you enjoy that?

I’ve had enough.

He ate an entire cake!

Do two and two equal four?

I’m especially glad to see you.

This should even things out.

Good evening!


I like everyone except her!

Everything will be all right.

That’s exactly what I want.

Give me a better example.

I should get more exercise.

I expect you to be good!

Please explain that.

We took the express train.

Is that a fact?!

Those factories will close.

I love my family.

Batman is famous!

Lots of farmers came to the fair.

I fear you’re right!

That’s a fig tree.

Figure this out.

I finally finished.

She snapped her fingers.

I hurt my foot.

May the Force be with you!


The forest is dark.

Form a straight line.

You can move forward now.

My car is similar.

That’s real simple.

She’s a single mom.

Dad’s at his work site.

Do that slowly.

This soil is dry.

They are Army soldiers.

Solve this problem.

Someone called you.

Something is wrong.

Sometimes I get mad.

He’s from down south.

He’s a southern boy.

That’s a special gift.

Spread out, now.

I live in another State.

What a story!


The stream is cool.

My cat stretched.

My students are smart!

What’s the subject of your talk?

Dad stopped suddenly.

Sugar is sweet.

Mom suggested we go outside.

Summer is hot.

Can you supply us with that many?

I suppose I can.

They landed on the surface.

That’s a surprise!

What do these symbols mean?

We use a different system.

She’s the best teacher!

Let’s team up!

What’s the temperature?

I’ll pass the test!

They keep to themselves.

She’s our third child.


I love this, though you might not.

I saw thousands of them.

Thus, the game was over.

Your cat’s tiny.

I have tools to fix this.

Total it up.

Turn toward the right.

She runs track.

Will you trade that?

I love to travel.

Which shape is a triangle?

Don’t get into trouble!

Open that tube.

What type do you like?

Hello, Uncle Ed!

Do you understand?


Lesson 53 – Poems And Rhymes

NEW WORDS: Cinderella, Lucy, Molly, agree, aloud, argument, bachelor, battle, bedtime, bridge, cement, cole, deedle, disappear, doo, doodle, dum, fiddler, fiddlers, fires, fisher, forced, forgot, gallop, grandad’s, grassy, groans, heavens, heroes, highway, kittie, lace, lanes, locket, master’s, merriest, monstrous, month, narrow, poly, powder, rare, rattle, rattles, resolved, rolling, roly, runaway, sawdust, shrieks, silver’s, skeleton, sorrow, soul, splashing, spoiled, streets, tray, twee, tweedle, witch’s, wonderful, woodworm 

The Old Woman Under A Hill
There was an old woman,
Lived under a hill,
And if she’s not gone,
She lives there still.


Roly Poly Bowling!
Roll it, bowl it, roll it,
Set the ball a-rolling.
Round and round and round and round,
Roly poly bowling.


Cinderella Ice Cream
Cinderella dressed in green,
Went upstairs to eat ice cream.
Cinderella dressed in lace, and
Went upstairs, to powder her face.


When I was a bachelor,
I lived by myself.
And all the bread and cheese I got,
I laid up on the shelf.

The rats and mice,
They made such a strife,
I was forced to go to London,
To find me a wife.

The streets were so bad,
And the lanes were so narrow,
I was forced to bring my wife home,
In a wheelbarrow.

The wheelbarrow broke,
And my wife had a fall.
Down came wheelbarrow,
Little wife and all.


The Month Of May
There are twelve months in all the year,
As I hear many say.
But the merriest month in all the year,
Is the merry month of May!


Windy Nights
Whenever the moon and stars are set,
Whenever the wind is high,
All night long in the dark and wet,
A man goes riding by.
Late in the night, when the fires are out,
Why does he gallop, and gallop about?
Whenever the trees are crying aloud,
And ships are tossed at sea,
By, on the highway, low and loud,
By at the gallop goes he.
By at the gallop he goes, and then,
By he comes back at the gallop again.

Poem by Robert Louis Stevenson

The Bridge
Where goes the bridge?
Up in the air,
All across the water,
To way over there!

Poem by Olive Beaupre Miller

My dame has lost her shoe.
My master’s lost his fiddle-stick,
And knows not what to do.

What is my dame to do?
Till master finds his fiddle-stick,
She’ll dance without her shoe.


I think today,
I’ll run away.
My heart is filled with sorrow.

I’ll disappear,
For one whole year,
Or else, come back tomorrow.

Poem by William Wise

Lucy Locket
Lucy Locket lost her pocket,
Kittie Fisher found it.
There was not a penny in it,
But a ribbon round it!


Old King Cole
Old King Cole
Was a merry old soul,
And a merry old soul was he.

He called for his pipe,
And he called for his bowl,
And he called for his fiddlers three!

And every fiddler,
He had a fine fiddle,
And a very fine fiddle had he.

Twee deedle dee,
tweedle dee,”
Went the fiddlers.

Oh, there’s none so rare,
As can compare,
With King Cole and his fiddlers three.


Twinkle Little Bat
Twinkle, twinkle, little bat!
How I wonder what you’re at!
Up above the world you fly,
Like a tea-tray in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle!

Poem by Lewis Carroll

A Well
As round as an apple,
As deep as a cup,
And all the king’s horses,
Can’t fill it up.


Tell Me Little Woodworm
Tell me little woodworm,
Eating through the wood,
Surely all that sawdust,
Can’t do you any good.

Heavens! Little woodworm,
You’ve eaten all the chairs.
So, THAT’S why poor old Grandad’s
Sitting outside on the stairs.

Poem by Spike Milligan

Flying Children
If I could walk for two weeks and a day,
And go where the hills meet the sky,
I think I’d find children who play in the clouds,
And who can really fly!


Coffee And Tea
Molly, my sister,
And I fell out.
And what do you think,
It was all about?

She loved coffee,
And I loved tea,
And that was the reason,
We couldn’t agree.


Knitting still, knitting still,
Always knitting with a will.
Red, green, blue. Red, green, blue.
I’ll knit a little coat for you!


Bedtime Story
“Tell me a story,”
Says Witch’s child,
“About the Beast,
So fierce and wild.

About a Ghost,
That shrieks and groans,
A Skeleton,
That rattles bones.

About a Monster,
Something nice,
To make me sleepy.”

Poem by Lilian Moore

Tweedle-Dum And Tweedle-Dee
Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee,
Resolved to have a battle,
For Tweedle-Dum said Tweedle-Dee,
Had spoiled his nice new rattle.

Just then flew by a monstrous crow,
As big as a truck of cement,
Which frightened both the heroes so,
They quite forgot their argument.


Squirrel In The Rain
The young squirrel’s mother said, “Come out!
See? It’s raining all about!
Wet silver’s falling from a cloud!
It’s raining hard, it’s raining loud!”

The little squirrel ran down the tree.
“It’s splashing rain all over ME!
It’s raining here, it’s raining there!
It’s raining in the trees’ green hair.

It’s raining in the flowers’ faces.
It’s raining in the grassy places.
It’s raining on my tail and nose,
And on my middle, I suppose!

How wonderful of clouds to fly,
And give young squirrels a drink of sky!”

Poem by Frances Frost

Lesson 54 – 4-Letter Vocab-Builder 

NEW WORDS: Alan, Alec, Barb, Bill’s, Coca, Dean, Dirk, Dyke, Eddy, Fido, Hulk, Jake, Jess, Joss, Kane, Kris, Lang, Shaq’s, aahs, afar, angel, apes, ayes, barf, bed’s, beets, bins, blab, blister, bonk, bore, bunk, cafe, camera, car’s, cent, clip, cola, cram, cuke, dada, deli, doe, doom, duty, eggy, etch, exit, fame, fart, fawn, fend, flex, flub, ford, fortune, fuel, gag, gaga, gaps, germ, glee, gnaw, guff, gunk, halo, heel, hero, hobo, homeless, host, icky, iffy, info, initials, jury, keys, kiwi, lamp, lava, lens, oohs, product, salad, screeched, superhero, yourselves 

The crowd yelled “oohs” and “aahs.”

Alan, move it!

The apes screeched.

The “ayes” have it!

That food would make me barf.

Don’t blab that to Mom!

She’s a bore.

That cafe has the best coffee.

I don’t own one cent.

Is that a CocaCola?

I need some cuke in my salad.

Baby, say “dada” and “mama.”

I had soup at the deli.

Dirk” sounds like a tough name.

Hi, Mr. Van Dyke.

Eddy called.

Etch your initials on this tree.

I want fame and fortune.

See that doe and her fawn?

Fido, catch this stick!


Don’t flub this up!

That’s a Lady Gaga song.

He’s got gaps between his teeth.

She yelled with glee!

Don’t give me any of your guff!

There’s a blister on my heel.

Is that hobo homeless?

The Hulk is a superhero.

It’s iffy that I can make your party.

Jake, come here.

Stop running, Jess.

Joss moved away.

Dad’s got jury duty.

Kane is a running back.

Where are the keys?

That’s kiwi fruit.

Is that Kris?

Mrs. Lang lives there.

That’s a lava lamp.

Where’s my camera lens?


You’ll see the forest fire from afar.

Alec sat down.

Barb bakes great bread.

Clean the trash bins.

Don’t bonk me on the head!

The top bunk bed’s mine.

Where’s my hair clip?

Cram more into the trunk.

Dean is mean.

This test will doom me.

This French toast is too eggy.

Exit through that door.

Did you just fart?

Fend for yourselves for supper.

Watch him flex his muscles!

Dad loves his Ford truck.

The car’s low on fuel.

Serve her beets, and she’ll gag.

A germ is too small to see.

That dog will gnaw on your shoes.


What’s that gunk in your eye?

Would an angel have a halo?

Shaq’s my hero!

Bill’s dad is a nice host.

Don’t touch that icky stuff!

I need info about that product.


Lesson 55 – 4-Letter Vocab-Builder 

NEW WORDS: Anna, Coke, Dick, France, Glen, Jean, Jeep, Joey, Kaki, Kern, Kirk, Lars, Leet, Mickey, Swedish, aces, acre, arch, axle, bail, bawl, beaver, bide, boar, boy’s, bran, buds, burp, caws, chug, clash, coach, coax, colt, crib, cubs, cuss, dams, defy, dial, disc, downstream, duet, earn, egos, epic, feat, feeder, feud, firm, fizz, flakes, folk, foul, frisky, funk, hazy, hint, hoop, hula, hunk, irks, jacket, jail, jays, jest, jock, kink, knob, kook, lads, lash, laws, lays, laze, leek, lent, lewd, mare, mattress, obey, orders, patiently, soda, tightrope, wheel

Bad guys get put in jail.

Gran drives a Jeep.

That jock wears a letter jacket.

That will put a kink in our plans.

That kook almost ran me over!

Who are those handsome lads?

I bet dad lays down for a nap.

Coach Leet is tough.

You’re too young to see that lewd movie.

Aces are wild!

Gran runs a ten acre farm.

Anna was sick.

My foot has a small arch.

The wheel came off its axle.

Bail that water out of the boat.

That child will bawl all night.

Bide your time patiently.

Steer clear of wild boar in the woods.

How about bran flakes for breakfast?

Ice killed the flower buds.

Those “caws” are from crows.


Chug that soda, and you’ll burp.

Could I coax you to help me?

Look, a mare and her frisky colt.

The baby’s in her crib.

Bear cubs look so cute.

Don’t cuss at me!

You’ll see beaver dams downstream.

You can’t defy orders!

Dial this phone number.

Dick left early.

Do you play disc golf?

They sang a soft duet.

Did you earn much last summer?

They had a clash of egos.

Do you play Epic Mickey?

That was some feat walking that tightrope!

I watch Family Feud.

That’s too firm a mattress.

This Coke has no fizz!

I love folk songs.

Foul ball!!!


Mom’s in a funk.

What’s Glen up to?

It’s hazy outside.

Give me a hint!

I got a hula hoop!

I’d like a hunk of cheese.

That really irks me!

I see jays at the bird feeder.

How’s Jean doing?

Surely you jest!

Joey is my cousin.

Aunt Kaki went to France.

The new boy’s named Kirk Kern.

Turn the door knob.

Don’t lash out at me!

Obey the laws!

Lars is Swedish.

Buy a leek at the grocery.

I forgot that I lent you that.

Let’s laze about for an hour.


Lesson 56 – Inf./Deriv. Builder  

NEW WORDS: Bibb, Bigfoot, Bobbie’s, Boyd, Em, Fran’s, Jan’s, Jen’s, Ken’s, Kent’s, Liz’s, Moe’s, Quinn’s, Rosie’s, Santa’s, Scot’s, Smith’s, SpongeBob, Stan’s, Wes’s, Zoe’s, alarmed, aunts, aunty, backer, baldy, ballpark, bammed, barked, barnyards, barred, barring, beanpole, beanpoles, bearded, beastie, bedspread, beefy, beepers, beeping, beestings, bellboy, bellboys, bellhop, benched, benches, benching, bid, bighead, bighorn, bigshots, birdbath, birdbaths, birdsong, birdsongs, blackboards, blacked, blacking, blackjack, blacklist, blackmail, blackmails, blacksmiths, blacksnake, blastoffs, blesses, blessing, blinder, blocker, bloomer, blowoff, blowup, bluebell, boarders, boaters, bobs, boiler, boilers, booboo, bookshelves, bookworm, bookworms, boomslang, booted, borer, borers, bossed, bossmen, bossy, bouncer, bouts, bowwow, boyhood, boyish, brat’s, braves, breezy, brightness, card, clambake, corkboard, cowbell, curveball, doorbells, dumbbell, dumbbells, eyeball, fastballs, fixed, flu, fossils, freebee, funky, guidebook, hardball, having, jaybird, kickball, lovebirds, lowball, mothballs, mussel, neaten, noisy, notebooks, oddball, oddballs, pinball, redbrick, rocket, seabeds, sourball, spitballs, stink, sunburned, surfboard, team, team’s, tidbit, tomboy, tugboats

The birdbaths froze.

I got booted out!

Let’s go to their clambake.

They’re as thin as beanpoles.

A boomslang will kill you!

Turn down the brightness.

Blacksmiths are strong.

The boaters got sunburned.

Pick up those spitballs!

Lift those dumbbells.

He’s on my blacklist!

The dog barked, “BOWWOW!”

Gran blesses our meals.

That brat’s a blowoff.

Jen’s tall.

I got three beestings.

Rocket blastoffs are loud.

That’s an oddball thought.

Let’s play kickball.

I love sourball sweets.


Our doorbells don’t work.

Say the blessing.

Blackjack is a card game.

That flower’s a bluebell.

That’s Wes’s car.

Bigfoot isn’t real!

Make a lowball bid.

He bammed on the door.

Jan’s a tomboy.

Mothballs stink!

See my new surfboard?

Bellboys get tips.

She’s benching 80 pounds.

Those guys are bigshots.

Zoe’s a bookworm.

They’re at the ballpark.

The beepers went off!

Stan’s strong!

The float bobs up and down.

She blacked out.


Dad’s 1st job was a bellboy.

That noise alarmed me!

Have the boarders paid?

Ken’s home.

They call him “Baldy.”

Our team’s the Braves.

Don’t you agree?

I love SpongeBob.

See that redbrick house?

He’s bossy!

It’s breezy out.

That bouncer is HUGE!

Kent’s at Scot’s house.

They’re lovebirds.

Boyd threw a curveball.

I’m a strong backer of hers.

We’ll play, barring rain.

Liz’s gone.

Those two had a blowup.

I can’t hit fastballs.


Clean the blackboards.

Santa’s here!

Quinn’s left town.

My eyeball hurts.

Knock down that blocker.

My booboo hurts!

I need new notebooks.

Pops was a bellhop.

Our boiler is noisy.

Will he blackmail me?

He’s a late bloomer.

Those kids are bookworms.

Neaten your bedspread.

This was a freebee.

They’re all oddballs.

My drums have a cowbell.

He’s a beefy kid!

Aren’t those tugboats?

Borers can hurt trees.

Fran’s up there.


Bobby went home.

What pretty birdsong!

That dumbbell is heavy!

She’s as thin as a beanpole.

Pin this to the corkboard.

His boyhood was happy.

Hand me that guidebook.

Let’s play pinball.

Dust the bookshelves.

Paint the benches red.

Buy some Bibb lettuce.

I bet she blackmails him.

Birdsongs are pretty.

That’s the Smith’s dog.

He’s barred from the team.

The borer at work got fixed.

I’m having bouts of flu.

Moe’s sleeping.

Rosie’s next door!

See the bighorn sheep?

He’s fixed 100 boilers!


My cat’s a little beastie!

Bobbie’s in there.

I keep blacking out.

She bossed me all day!

Hi, Aunty Em!

He still has a boyish look.

That’s a loud jaybird.

She’s one of my aunts.

I caught a blacksnake!

He’s playing hardball!

What’s beeping?

I’d like a tidbit more.

Fossils are in seabeds.

Barnyards can smell funky.

That bighead thinks he’s smart!

That horse needs a blinder.

What’s a beardedmussel?

Fill the birdbath.

Do what the bossmen say!

He’s benched for two games.


Lesson 57 – Inf./Deriv. Builder 

NEW WORDS: Bobbie, Bobby’s, Frisbees, James’s, Jerry’s, Jones’s, June’s, Lisa’s, Madge’s, Maine, Nell’s, Nick’s, Poe’s, Tay’s, Vic’s, agrees, all’s, ash, aunt’s, aunties, axed, babied, backing, balder, ballgame, ballgames, ballpoint, ballpoints, barbell, batboy, batboys, bathtubs, beached, bedbug, bedbugs, bedding, bedsheet, bedsheets, bedspreads, beefed, beefless, beefsteak, beeped, beeper, beers, behinds, bellhops, bellied, bellies, bellman, bellmen, bigmouth, bigmouths, bigot, bigots, birdbrain, birdbrained, birdcage, birdcall, birdseed, blackish, blacksmith, blacksnakes, blastoff, blessed, blessings, blinded, blinding, blinds, blinked, blinker, blocked, blocking, bloomers, blowdown, blowholes, blowoffs, blowups, bluebells, bluish, boated, bobsled, boils, booboos, bookcase, booked, bookshelf, booties, booting, bores, bossing, bossman, bouncers, bowled, bowwows, bratwurst, breadbox, bringers, busboy, busboys, chalkboard, clambakes, cornball, crook, dodgeball, doorbell, fastball, footballs, freebees, fry, goofball, goofballs, guidebooks, hairballs, hall, handball, handbells, hire, hires, hotel, hue, ignore, jailbird, jailbirds, jaybirds, laptop’s, meatball, meatballs, messed, pens, problems, rebloom, screwballs, sickbeds, snow’s, snowballed, snowballs, spitball, tidbits, tint, tomboys, trombones, whale, whales, yardbirds, yummy

She throws a mean fastball.

A blowdown blocked the road.

Those are jaybirds.

That’s a ballpoint pen.

Buy some birdseed.

Hire more busboys!

I see a beached whale.

Wash my bedsheet.

Let’s play handball.

Bedbugs creep me out.

Nick’s out back.

Their problems snowballed.

This hotel still hires bellmen.

Nell’s sick.

That crook is a jailbird.

That’s my birdbrain brother.

Our house has two bathtubs.

Eat one more meatball.

The bedsheets are clean.

Are these pens ballpoints?


Those are cute baby booties.

Ready, set, BLASTOFF!

Clean those hairballs.

Blacksnakes aren’t bad.

That’s Bobby’s bike.

Count your blessings.

It’s on that bookcase.

Pan fry the beefsteak.

Ignore those bigmouths.

That’s a blackbird.

Sweep under the sickbeds.

Pick some bluebells.

He bellied up to the bar.

Bigots aren’t kind.

Bellhops wear funny hats.

Shine the handbells.

We have too many blowups.

Will this plant rebloom?

I need guidebooks on Maine.

Dad got axed at work.


Lift that barbell.

My laptop’s booting up.

We’re quite blessed.

Their kids were late bloomers.

Whales have blowholes.

Each town had a blacksmith.

I like Madge’s dress.

Clean the chalkboard.

Grill the bratwurst.

I’m backing up.

You’re blocking me.

Yummy meatballs!

The stove beeped.

Do that birdcall!

Vic’s at school.

Stop bossing me!

Ring the doorbell.

The snow’s blinding!

Jerry’s upstairs.

That bellman is nice.


That boils me up!

They’re both goofballs.

Have you booked the trip?

I have two booboos.

Our bellies are full.

I don’t like those blowoffs.

Batboys word hard.

This is a beefless meal.

What a cornball joke!

The light blinded me.

Make some snowballs.

He’s balder than me.

Tay’s thin.

Tom’s a busboy.

Work the yardbirds hard!

Clean the birdcage.

Poe’s not here.

That dog bowwows all night.

They’re bringers of bad news.

Let’s play dodgeball.


A bedbug bit me.

I watched three ballgames.

Those girls are tomboys.

I’ll do it, bossman.

That bobsled is fast!

We bowled for two hours.

My aunt’s a bigot.

All’s well here.

Don’t throw that spitball!

They let those jailbirds out.

Let’s eat some freebees.

Are those kids the Jones’s?

Bouncers are tough.

Turn on your blinker.

They boated all day.

She agrees with me.

I love my aunties.

Store this in the breadbox.

They babied their son.

Your beeper went off.

Get to the ballgame.


June’s in the den.

Where’s Bobbie?

You’re so birdbrained!

Lisa’s in the hall.

Close the blinds.

Iron these bedspreads.

I have two footballs.

That’s a beech tree.

You blinked first!

It’s a bluish hue.

That’s James’s coat.

Can I be a batboy?

That bores me.

Sit on your behinds!

Don’t be a goofball.

Wash the bedding.

Put this on the bookshelf.

Those screwballs messed up.

I hate that bigmouth!

These are tidbits of ash.

Let’s throw Frisbees.


It has a blackish tint.

He beefed about the food.

They sell trombones.

Clambakes are fun.

Buy two root beers.


Lesson 58 – Inf./Deriv. Builder

NEW WORDS: ablest, ably, acting, axes, banged, baseballs, beaches, beards, bets, blasted, blinking, boards, booing, boos, brats, bubbled, busted, cabs, cages, calmest, camped, carves, cases, causes, chances, chapped, chases, cheering, chewy, chuckled, chuckling, chunky, circuses, clawed, cleans, clothed, clowning, coating, coldest, cookbook, cookbooks, cookers, corned, corns, corny, cowardly, creamer, crews, crunches, crushed, crushes, cuddles, cuddling, cupping, deals, deeply, dented, dives, dozes, drawer, dreaming, dressings, drizzling, droppers, drown, ducking, dumber, dumping, lawyer, light’s, suit

Candy corns are chewy.

He’s clothed in a suit.

I love you deeply.

We crushed their team.

Open the drawer.

Dad agrees with me.

The storms closed the beaches.

Nail up these boards.

Her kids are brats.

He yells when he dives in.

I dashed home from school.

Mom has 10 cookbooks.

It’s drizzling out there.

These nuts are chunky.

That lawyer works tough cases.

There’s that blasted cat!

She’s cupping the chick in her hand.

I want a cookie cookbook.

You’ve got two chances.

I’ll take black coffee, no creamer.


We camped out last night.

Are those rice cookers?

It’s the coldest day yet.

I banged my knee on the door.

Bill’s at the door.

No one’s in those cabs.

She’s the ablest in our class.

The light’s blinking.

I love when Mom cuddles with me.

You caused me to spill it!

Dad bets the Jets will win.

She chuckled at my joke.

The cat clawed me!

We’re cheering you on!

The candy has a sour coating.

I’m dreaming weird things.

My friends grew long beards.

My lips are chapped.

He carves wood animals.

She cracked the eggs.


Cut the trees with these axes.

The car’s dented.

Their cages are small.

Dad loves corned beef.

Don’t drown!

I’ve never done anything dumber.

Her cat chases dogs.

There’s no dumping in these woods.

I like how she cleans up her mess.

They are booing the ref!

You did that ably!

Where are the eye droppers?

Here are 3 salad dressings.

It’s the calmest day in weeks.

I’m ducking out to go home.

Gather up the baseballs.

The stew bubbled away.

That’s a corny joke!

The boos were loud.

Get me two Orange Crushes.


That causes me to get mad.

You’re acting cowardly.

Stop clowning around!

This crunches when you chew it.

The ships’ crews were ready.

There are hot deals at this store.

I couldn’t help chuckling at her.

Why are you creeping around?

I busted a vase.

Our dog dozes after his lunch.

Mom, I need some cuddling!

I’ve been to 3 circuses!


Lesson 59 – Fry-Builder

NEW WORDS: Japanese, Washington, adjective, amount, angle, cents, century, company, compare, compound, conditions, consonant, copy, cotton, decimal, dictionary, division, drawing, elements, entered, equation, experience, factors, fraction, increase, indicate, level, machine, mall, material, melody, method, molecules, necessary, noun, numeral, paragraph, phrase, plural, process, property, radio, rhythm, score, section, solution, solve, statement, substances, suffix, syllables, teacher, terms, tone, underline, unit, usually, valley, value, various, verb, village, vowel, western, wire, within, women, workers, written

Turn to page 255, in Unit Four.

It’s 15 minutes until five.

I don’t usually do that.

Let’s go down to the valley.

My cat eats various things.

There’s a small village.

Can we visit them?

He has a deep voice.

The war is over!

Washington, D.C. is the U.S. Capital.

What should I wear?

I hate bad weather.

Call me once a week.

Her weight has gone down.

I love the wild, wild west!

A western wind is blowing.

It’s up to you whether you do that.

I play to win!

They had a cold winter.

What goes on within his head?


I can’t do without that!

That woman is my mom.

Those women are nice.

We won!

They’re hard workers!

I wouldn’t do that!

Have you written your letter?

I wrote a note to Bob.

You’d better watch yourself!

“Pretty” is an adjective.

I’ll take a small amount.

Draw me a right angle.

I have 50 cents.

It’s the twenty-first century now.

She works for a food company.

Compare these two.

Write a compound sentence.

The road conditions are bad.

Letter A is not a consonant.

I like cotton shirts.


Move your decimal to the left.

That word isn’t in the dictionary.

I’m not good at division.

Your drawing is pretty.

What are the “four elements?”

She entered the room.

Solve this equation.

She’s got lots of experience.

What factors did you think about?

“One-half” is a fraction.

Buy lots of fruit.

Increase the heat.

Does that indicate a problem?

Jin is Japanese.

I got to the second level!

Turn off the machine.

My friends like the mall.

That’s a hard material.

Sing a melody.

What method did you use?


You can’t see molecules with your eyes.

Is that necessary?

“Cow” is a noun.

“Ten” is a numeral.

That’s a long paragraph!

That’s a strange phrase.

More than one is called “plural.”

That process takes a while.

This is my property.

Turn on the radio.

He has good rhythm.

What’s the score?

Move to that section.

Have you found a solution?

Let me make my statement.

What substances are in this rock?

A suffix is at the end of a word.

What’s the sum of five and six?

That word has six syllables!

Do they give their terms in this letter?


Your tone is not nice.

Underline this phrase.

I’m going to the value food store.

“Run” is a verb.

The letter E is a vowel.

Cut that wire.

Are we agreed on that?

Mom is beautiful!

Dogs love bones.

Here’s a good book.

Take a break!

She makes a good case for doing that.

Class, I’m your new teacher.

Copy that for me.

Sit in the corner.

Let’s make a deal.

Drive home.

They got in a fight.

Does the shirt fit?

Buy some fresh food.


We grew corn last year.

He held it in his hand.

She’s a hundred years old!

Put ice in my glass.

I lost my key.

How long have you known that?

Add this to the list.

I like my meat well done.

I need to sleep.

What part of the show did you like?

He’s a rich man.

The ball rolled away.

I’d like the same.

What size shoe do you want?

Don’t make a sound!

Speak to me!

It’s made out of steel.

This wood is thick.

What a pretty view!

How many words can you read?


Lesson 60 – Poems And Rhymes  

NEW WORDS: Bessie, Davy, Rupert, Teddy, barrel, bless, boil, bonnet, bonny, broad, crackity, curly, daintiest, dishes, eager, feathery, furly, glistens, hearty, hippity, lingered, mischievous, necktie, peaceable, pouring, quietly, receive, reply, ribbon, rubbing, smelling, snappity, snooks, snuggled, so’s, spoiling, strife, taking, thread, tomorrow, treetop, turtles, twirly, venture, waited, whirly, whisky, woodwork, world’s

Mary Had A Little Lamb
Mary had a little lamb,
Its fleece was white as snow.
And everywhere that Mary went,
The lamb was sure to go.

It followed her to school one day,
That was against the rule.
It made the children laugh and play,
To see a lamb at school.

And so the teacher turned it out,
But still it lingered near,
And waited patiently about,
Till Mary did appear.

“Why does the lamb love Mary so?”
The eager children cry.
“Why, Mary loves the lamb, you know,”
The teacher did reply.

Poem by Sarah Josepha Hale

Row, row! A-fishing we’ll go!
How many fishes, have you, Joe?
One for my father, one for my mother,
One for my sister, one for my brother,
And one for the little fisher boy!


It’s Raining!
It’s raining! It’s raining!
It’s pouring from the sky!
Let’s crawl inside this barrel,
And that will keep us dry!


Dame Trot And Her Cat
Dame Trot and her cat,
Led a peaceable life,
When they were not troubled
With other folks’ strife.

When Dame had her dinner,
Kitty would wait,
And was sure to receive,
A nice piece from her plate.


The Spring Wind
The summer wind,
Is soft and sweet.
The winter wind is strong.
The autumn wind is mischievous,
And sweeps the leaves along.
The wind I love the best,
Comes gently after rain,
Smelling of spring,
And growing things,
Brushing the world,
With feathery wings,
While everything glistens,
And everything sings,
In the spring wing,
After the rain.

Poem by Charlotte Zolotow

The Little Mouse
I have seen you, little mouse,
Running all about the house.
Through the hole your little eye,
In the woodwork, peeping sly,
Hoping soon some crumbs to steal,
To make quite a hearty meal.
Look before you venture out,
See if Kitty is about.
If she’s gone, you’ll quickly run,
To the pantry for some fun,
Round about the dishes creep,
Taking into each a peep,
To choose the daintiest that’s there,
Spoiling things you do not care.


Snooks And Brooks
As Tommy Snooks and Bessie Brooks,
Were walking out one Sunday,
Said Tommy Brooks to Bessie Brooks,
Tomorrow will be Monday!”


Rupert was watching his cows,
In sunshine and in rain.
Berries and berries he ate,
And berries and berries again.

Always he sat on a hill,
And sang a little song.
And he was just as happy,
As the day is long.


Ten Fingers
I have ten little fingers,
And they all belong to me.
I can make them do things.
Would you like to see?

I can shut them up tight,
Or open them wide.
I can put them together,
Or make them all hide.

I can make them jump high.
I can make them jump low.
I can fold them quietly,
And hold them just so.


My Teddy Bear
A teddy bear is nice to hold.
The one I have is getting old.
His paws are almost wearing out,
And so’s his funny, furry snout,
From rubbing on my nose of skin,
And all his fur is pretty thin.
A ribbon and a piece of string,
Make a sort of necktie thing.
His eyes came out, and now instead,
He has some new ones made of thread.
I take him everywhere I go,
And tell him all the things I know.
I like the way he feels at night,
All snuggled up against me tight.

Poem by Margaret Hillert

Jenny At The Fair
Jenny shall have a new bonnet,
And Jenny shall go to the fair,
And Jenny shall have a blue ribbon,
To tie up her bonny brown hair.


Davy Dumpling
Davy Davy Dumpling,
Boil him in the pot.
Sugar him and butter him,
And eat him while he’s hot.


I See The Moon
I see the moon,
And the moon sees me.
God bless the moon,
And God bless me.


When All The World’s Asleep
Where do insects go at night,
When all the world’s asleep?
Where do bugs and butterflies,
And caterpillars creep?

Turtles sleep inside their shells.
The robin has her nest.
Rabbits and the sly old fox,
Have holes where they can rest.

Bears can crawl inside a cave.
The lion has his den.
Cows can sleep inside the barn,
And pigs can use their pen.

But where do bugs and butterflies,
And caterpillars creep,
When everything is dark outside,
And all the world’s asleep?

Poem by Anita E. Posey

The Squirrel
Whisky, frisky,
Hippity hop,
Up he goes,
To the treetop!

Whirly, twirly,
Round and round,
Down he scampers,
To the ground.

Furly, curly,
What a tail!
Tall as a feather,
Broad as a sail!

Where’s his supper?
In the shell,
Out it fell!

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