Why Us? About AnyOneCanRead ®

AnyOneCanRead ® is a FREE digital-online, all-inclusive "learning-to-read-experience"

AOCR ® is largely built on the highly respected Core Knowledge ® curriculum. Our Kindergarten-to-4th-grade curriculum covers all subject areas, except for math. Our plan is to build through 12th-grade.

The AOCR ® learning-to-read-experience is enhanced by a revolutionary new assistive reading technology, “The Magic Ladder,” that provides the most comprehensive explicit and systematic “phonetics” experience ever, to help build students’ imperative decoding skills.

AOCR ® is designed to provide an adaptable and vastly more individualized and differentiated environment for our nation’s students — whether with classroom instruction, interventions, independent reading, homeschooling, or English-language-learning — unlike what has ever been done before.

Delivering a broad domain knowledge range of subject matter, AOCR ®’s curriculum — through its current 4th-grade status — exposes readers to over 26,000 unique vocabulary words. Our ultimate goal is to expose high school grads to a 100,000 unique-word vocabulary, arming students to be at a true written-English-language-capable college readiness level.

Our materials are intentionally designed to better help children to master critical foundational “skills and mechanics” in the very earliest reading-learning years of Kindergarten-to-2nd grade.

Intuitive by design, new words are always introduced at the beginning of every single lesson, for oral pre-teaching review and mastery.

Adaptable for readers at all levels, AOCR ® levels, matches, and paces content to the skill of the reader, but then guides students up the learning curve with high expectations for ALL, leaving no one behind.

AOCR ® is unlike any "learning-to-read-experience" ever available, bundling "science-of-reading" best practices inside one convenient and highly comprehensive online digital portal 

What We Believe

Based on our comprehensive research of the "science-of-reading"

Based on these beliefs, we created the AnyOneCanRead ® (AOCR) “learning-to-read-experience” that helps to remove the multitude of barriers that make learning to read English so difficult, for so many.

Core Premises

The Core Basis for the AOCR ® Concept is Built upon these Premises

The AOCR ® content and technology advantages encompass all of these essential attributes into one comprehensive and turnkey learning-to-read-experience.

AnyOneCanRead® (“AOCR”) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky aiming to help improve U.S. literacy rates by developing a learning-to-read experience that is powered by reading science best practices.