Designed For ALL Children To Become Great Readers

Forever Free

Yes, no hidden costs, subscriptions, sign-ups, cookies, or email identification. Just click and go, and close the tab when you’re done.

Classroom or Independent Reading Friendly

Easy-to-follow step-by-step modules, self-guided for both reader and teacher / tutor / parent.

Adapts Well to Any Reading Level

Regardless of age, the reader initially begins at a comfortable reading level and journeys up the complexity ladder from there, gently yet progressively.

Far More Accurately Leveled Independent Reading Content for Kindergarten-to-2nd-Grade

AOCR ® intentionally presents high-interest reading materials to make them accessible for grades K / 1 / 2, in order to generate far more independent reading practice time for our earliest reading-learners.

Little Training Time to Get Going

No intensive professional development required, no hard-to-follow manuals, and lesson modules are presented in a gradually advanced and highly accurate reading complexity sequence.

Everything There for the Educator

Whether it’s content or phonetics-building, everything needed to “exercise” a child’s inner brain toward reading mastery is inside the AOCR ® site.

Broad Domain Knowledge, High-Interest Subject Matter

Covers a broad range of topics, including literature, poetry, history, geography, social studies, civics, government, personal health, world cultures, and multiple sciences.

Currently Covers Kindergarten Through 4th-Grade, Building to 12th-Grade Over Time

Lessons are intentionally designed to be college-ready-tracking grade-level appropriate, and all new words from lesson-to-lesson are artfully presented for oral pre-teaching to enhance comprehension-building.

Ideal for ELL Learners

Letter and word-sound-outs demystify the complexity of the English language and improve pronunciation skills.

Instant Word Letter-Sound-Outs and Read-Alongs

The revolutionary “Magic Ladder” technology makes the passages interactive for the reader, in order to accelerate the learning process.

AOCR ® is designed to break down the many challenging barriers to becoming a good reader!

AnyOneCanRead® (“AOCR”) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky aiming to help improve U.S. literacy rates by developing a learning-to-read experience that is powered by reading science best practices.